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Sell Your Plans - It's a Marketplace!

As with other products elsewhere on the website, the model plans section is a marketplace where anyone may buy or sell items.

Types of plans which may be sold

Model boat and aircraft plans may offered for sale be in the form of pre-owned original paper copies of plans, paper and digital reproductions of public-domain plans, or new original paper plans produced by the copyright owner.

Plans in paper form - just as with paper copies of magazines - are despatched by post by the Seller, with the marketplace adding the appropriate postage cost to the customer's order during the checkout process.

Plans in digital form - just as with digital copies of magazines - are uploaded by the Seller to the marketplace when that item is initially listed for sale. Multiple customers may purchase the plan and each download their copy immediately and without any postage cost, or indeed without any further action being required by the Seller.

Private & Trade Sellers

Users with Private Seller accounts are permitted to sell 'new' plans in addition to pre-owned items because it is perfectly legitimate for individuals to create model designs from scratch or produce their own versions of existing public domain plans.

Note: this differs from magazine issues sold on the marketplace, where only Trade Sellers may describe items as new.

Listing Plans for Sale

A Seller Account is required in order to list a plan for sale, with the procedure for listing print or digital plans for sale being essentially identical to that for listing print or digital magazine issues. Depending upon the type of item they wish to offer for sale Sellers should first familiarize themselves thoroughly with the listing process for printed items or the listing process for digital items.

Sellers of printed plans should also understand the procedure for processing orders and despatching them to the customer, and how postage costs and selling fees work.

Finally, bear in mind that before a Seller can list their copy of a plan for sale in the first place the plan itself must already have it's own page on the website - if such a page doesn't yet exist the Seller will need to add a new plan page to the website, or may perhaps wish to improve an existing plan page.
Public Domain Plans

These are plans which were created with the intention of being shared without restriction within the modelling community, or plans which have over time become shared in this kind of decentralized manner because the copyright holder either cannot be identified or no longer exists

Reproductions, adaptions and conversions of public domain plans may be legitimately created and offered for sale via the Magazine Exchange marketplace, the only requirement being that such items are clearly identified as being reproductions.

Note also that an additional application is required for permission to sell items in digital form which, for the purposes of indemnification, requires the Seller to confirm that they have reproduction rights for those items.

Digital Plan Formats

It is strongly recommended that Sellers offer digital plans in PDF format as this allows very efficient compression of high quality images in a form that all customers will be able to open

Plans in more specialized formats - for example vector formats - may also be of interest to more ambitious modellers, but equally these formats may cause problems for less technically-minded customers:- Such items can be offered on the marketplace but Sellers should contact Magazine Exchange before doing so.

To protect Sellers and deter unauthorized post-purchase reproduction and distribution of their digital products the Magazine Exchange marketplace incorporates a system which applies a unique 'watermark' to every digital item sold. For a full explanation of this system see this page.

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