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Selling Back Issues Guide - Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Selling (Quick Start Guide)
  • Accessing Account (inc. password recovery)
  • Listing items for sale
  • Advice on Pricing
  • Packaging Contribution & Selling Fees
  • The Order Process (as viewed by Sellers)
  • Processing Orders
  • Cancelling / Refunding Orders
  • Packaging Advice
  • Despatching Orders
  • Your Shopfront
  • Account Profile / Suspending / Closing
  • Extra ways to promote your items (coming soon)
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    Packaging Contribution

    When Sellers receive an order the value of that order - as shown on the customer's invoice and within the Seller's account area - is made up of the value of the goods plus the postage charge. But that 'postage' charge is greater than the actual postage fee for just sending the package because incorporated within the postage charge paid by the customer is an additional 40p fee for each item on the order

    Half of this fee (ie. 20p per item) goes towards Magazine Exchange costs operating the system, and the other half (ie. another 20p per item) goes directly to the Seller on top of their other income from that order. This additional 20p per item is intended as a contribution towards packaging costs, but the Seller may of course view it as an incentive to lower their selling prices, as an offset against possible other selling fees, or simply an extra bonus income.

    Summary: A Seller's payment for an order comprises:

  • The full selling price for each item on the order
  • The full cost of posting the order to the customer
  • Plus: An additional 20p payment for each item on the order
  • Minus: Any applicable selling fees

  • Selling Fees

    As well as covering the cost of running the marketplace itself Selling Fees also cover the cost of securely processing customer payments on behalf of Sellers; these costs are a significant and increasing expense for all online businesses and naturally increase with the value of the payment, which includes the postage element as well as the value of the magazines sold.

    Selling Fees are designed to be as equitable as possible with no fee being charged at all on items sold for less than £2.50, which represents the vast bulk of magazines sold through the marketplace.

    Variable fees charged on each item in an order:

    Fixed fee charged for processing order payment:

    The Seller is also charged a small fixed fee for each order they receive based on how the customer paid for that order. Previously this fee was charged to the customer themselves depending upon the payment method they chose - but since February 2018 UK law has prohibited this form of surcharge and the cost must instead be passed-on to the Seller, who will need to consider it when setting their prices.

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