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Buying and Using Plans

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Buying Plans - Print

All Seller of paper copies of plans, whether original prints or reproductions, are UK-based and the website automatically calculates the correct postage cost depending upon the customer's geographic location and the combined weight of the items being purchased.

Purchased items are sent directly from the Seller to the customer so If items are being purchased from multiple Sellers in a single order the customer will receive multiple deliveries. Magazines, printed plans, and indeed digital plans, can all be purchased in the same order.

For information about delivery costs, services and times please see Delivery Rates & Information

Note that in most cases printed plans will be sent folded and packaged in an A4-size envelope - customers should not expect plans to be sent rolled in a tube unless specifically stated in the Seller's listing.

Buying Plans - Digital

There is no delivery charge associated with Digital items, which are made available for immediate download by the customer once their order payment has been completed. Note that the storage and delivery of digital items is managed by Magazine Exchange so the customer is not reliant on the Seller making them available after purchasing.

In order to purchase digital items customers must set-up a customer account on the website first and cannot check-out just using the "Guest" option. The account is necessary because it ensures that the customer will continue to be able to access the download link to their digital item even if the order confirmation email is lost or deleted.

Note that each digital item purchased has an electronic and visual 'watermark' containing the customer's details embedded into it during the ordering process. This watermark protects the Seller's rights by acting as a deterrent to public distribution of the item, and the visual aspect of the watermark is a line of small text printed vertically on the left-hand edge of the item. On a model plan this text will usually be positioned entirely in the border area.

For more information about purchasing digital items on the Magazine Exchange marketplace see full Buying Digital Editions Help Guide.

Using Printed Plans

The process of building a model using printed plans purchased through the Magazine Exchange marketplace is of course no different from those purchased from any other source.

In many cases the plans being offered by Sellers will be reproductions rather than originals, and indeed customers should assume that this will be the case by default. The process of scanning an original plan - especially in the case of old and/or previously-used plans, is not always straightforward or precise and it is to be expected that the resultant reproduction may include flaws or inaccuracies of various sorts which the builder will have to take account of - but these flaws should be never be more than minor in nature and easily overcome by a competent builder

In many cases a plan would have originally been accompanied by instructions or a magazine build article, and unless the Seller of a plan - whether original or reproduction - specifically states that these items are also included the customer should assume they are not.

Lastly, be aware that many Seller of reproduction plans print them to order rather than already having them in physical stock. This may may result in a slight delay n items being despatched to the customer.

Using Digital Plans

The vast majority of digital plan files available on the Magazine Exchange marketplace will be in PDF format which can be opened in a very wide range of software applications and almost all devices - and if you don't already have suitable software just search for "free PDF reader" or similar to download one.

Once you've opened your PDF file you will of course need to print it out, although in some cases customers may first wish to (for instance) re-size the PDF file itself to enable them to build a model of a different size.

Printing a PDF file to produce a paper plan can be done at home on a regular A4-type printer using "poster printing" software, which is again widely and often freely available. These applications automatically split-up large documents into multiple smaller pages which can be printed individually and then physically placed side-by-side and stuck together with Sellotape or similar- although of course the final result of this may be considered less than ideal.

A preferred approach is to print the plan out on a single large sheet of paper using a large-format printer such as the one shown above , and this is of course exactly how many Sellers offering printed reproduction plans are producing the items they are selling.

Private buyers of digital plans wishing to have them printed-out professionally will find that many companies exist offering large format plan printing as a one-off service to members of the public, as well as to estate agents, local builders, architects and the like - try searching for "plan printing bureau' or 'A0 plan printing' to find such companies in your own area.

Whichever way you achieve it, once your digital plan has been printed-out you can of course proceed to build your model in the usual way.

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