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Improve Existing Plan Page

If a page already exists on the website for a plan then any user of the site - ie. not just Sellers - may contribute to it in order to make that page more useful to fellow enthusiasts.

Additions to Plan Pages may, for instance, include personal comments or reviews of the plan by modellers who have used it to build the aircraft or boat model in question, and indeed contributors are welcome to add photos and descriptions of their own finished models. Contributions to an existing plan page may be made using the form below.

The form below refers to adding information to the website page for a magazine issue, but the same form is also used to add information to a model plan page as follows:-

"Magazine Title and Issue" - Enter name of plan here

"Additions to Contents Listing" - Enter text here to add to the "Plan Description" area of the plan page

"Additions to Article Snippets" - Enter text here to add to the "Additional Infomation" area of the plan page

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