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Selling Back Issues Guide - Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Selling (Quick Start Guide)
  • Accessing Account (inc. password recovery)
  • Listing items for sale
  • Advice on Pricing
  • Packaging Contribution & Selling Fees
  • The Order Process (as viewed by Sellers)
  • Processing Orders
  • Cancelling / Refunding Orders
  • Packaging Advice
  • Despatching Orders
  • Your Shopfront
  • Account Profile / Suspending / Closing
  • Extra ways to promote your items (coming soon)
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    Accessing Your Seller Account

    It is important to understand that Seller Accounts are separate and different from Customer Accounts and are accessed in different ways from the main website:-

    In particular note that you cannot login to a Seller account by clicking the blue " Login " link that appears in the top corner of the website.

    The correct way to login to your Seller account is described below:

    On Desktop

    When using the Desktop version of the website (ie. when working on a PC, laptop or tablet) you get to the Seller Account login page by clicking on the "Sell" tab on the top menu:

    On Mobile

    When using the website on a 'phone or other small-screen device use the "Selling Magazines" menu on the BOTTOM website menu - that is the menu that appears at the bottom of each website page:

    Recovering Your Seller Account Password

    If you lose your Seller account password you may re-set it by using the Recover Password facility on the login page
    Are you sure you're entering
    your password correctly?
    Remember it is cAsE sENsiTIvE.
    If you definitely can't access your account and need the Recover Password facility do note that it is very simple to use but is slightly counter-intuitive as you need to enter your email address BEFORE clicking the link - see below to understand the process

    When the Recover Password process has been activated an email will be sent to you which contains a link to re-set your Seller Account password.

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