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A very-long running British title, eventually becoming part of AMI
Aircraft Modelworld
Short-lived British scale aircraft modelling title
AO Hobby
A Swedish-language magazine covering model aircraft, cars and boats
Aviation Modeller International
Excellent magazine but now ceased publication.
Electric Flight
American title, formerly called 'Backyard Flyer'
Quiet & Electric Flight
The only UK title dealing with just gliding, indoor & electric flight. Regular Free Plans.
Flying Scale Models
Launched 1997, for builders and fliers of historic scale replicas of full size aircraft.
Fly RC
American title covering backyard & indoor fun flyers, and larger scale models
RC Model World
A wide range of features plus six kit reviews every issue, covering ARTF to fine scale.
The international magazine For RC jets & turbines
Pienois Malli
The leading model hobby magazine in Finland.
International Helicopter
Short-lived title covering full-size & model helicopters
Modelbouw Aktueel
A Dutch-language title covering all RC model types
Meng Air Modeller
The World’s very best aircraft modelling presented in a rich, visual format
Model Builder
American title, believed to be no longer published
Model Helicopter World
The world's biggest R/C helicopter magazine. Scale & competition, i.c & electric.
Modell is a German language magazine
Model Aircraft
The classic British magazine from the 1950s - later merged with Aeromodeller
Model Airplane International
The very best to help improve your modelling.
Model Airplane News
From backyard flyers to giant scale - plus how-to articles, reviews & building plans.
Model Aircraft Monthly
Scale aircraft reference magazine, news, reviews, kits, shows & plans.
MMA is a French language magazine
Model Aviation
American magazine published by the Academy of Model Aeronautics
Modeller's World
Short-lived magazine covering boats, aircraft and other models
MRA is a French magazine, occasionally incorporating building plans
Plastic Aircraft Models
Short-lived British magazine
Radio Control
Radio Control is a Dutch title covering all model types
RC Scale International
The best scale models!
Radio Control Jet
Airframe reviews, engine tests & events. Also turbines & electric ducted fans.
Radio Control Model Flyer
Everything from super fast jets to tiny indoor models
Radio Controlled Helicopters
Excellent but short-lived British magazine
Top quality and very long-running British magazine, frequently with plans
Radio Modeller
Excellent UK title, often with full-size building plans. Later merged with RCME
Radio Helicopter International
Excellent title, sadly no longer published
RC Modeller
Excellent long-running American magazine, now no longer published
Radio Commande Magazine
Radio Commande is a French language title
RC Heli Pilot
Bi-monthly American title covering the whole RC helicopter scene
RC Electric Flyer
Short-lived British magazine
RC Model
RC Model is a Dutch-language title covering all radio-control model subjects
French-language fine-scale aircraft modelling title
RC Prezeglad Modelarski
A Polish magazine covering all modelling subjects
Drone Zone Rotorworld
British title covering the model helicopter and drone scene
Very short-lived British magazine
Scale Aviation Modeller
For modellers of all skill levels & tastes - loaded with news, reviews & features.
Scale Aircraft Modelling
Long running title focusing on the fine-scale end of the hobby
RC Scale Aircraft
Excellent British magazine, frequently incorporating high-quality building plans.
Sailplane & Electric Modeller
Silent Flight
Electric-powered models and gliders
Short-lived British magazine

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