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Selling Back Issues Guide - Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Selling (Quick Start Guide)
  • Accessing Account (inc. password recovery)
  • Listing items for sale
  • Advice on Pricing
  • Packaging Contribution & Selling Fees
  • The Order Process (as viewed by Sellers)
  • Processing Orders
  • Cancelling / Refunding Orders
  • Packaging Advice
  • Despatching Orders
  • Your Shopfront
  • Account Profile / Suspending / Closing
  • Extra ways to promote your items (coming soon)
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    Your Shopfront

    Each Seller has their own individual Shopfront on the website - a set of website pages displaying only items being sold by that Seller. The Seller also has the ability to enter information about themselves which appears on these pages.

    Accessing a Shopfront

    A Seller's Shopfront is accessed on the website by clicking on that Seller's username on any item they have listed for sale.

    Although it will of course usually be customers who visit the Shopfront to view the items for sale, it also gives the Seller themselves a very easy way of reminding themselves of everything they are currently offering - this can be very useful for stock-taking purposes and we recommend that Sellers make a point of periodically visiting their own Shopfront in this way.

    Elements of a Shopfront

    Shop Title, Description and Logo

    The Seller uses these elements to let customers know a little bit about themselves and their shop; note that a Seller's username remains the same regardless of what title they choose for their shop.

    Both a 'short' and 'long' description may be entered by the Seller; the 'short' description is meant as a brief introduction only and it is this text that appears directly below the shop name. The 'long' description can be of any length and appears in the "seller information & feedback" tab area.

    'Magazines from this Seller'

    Only items listed by that Seller appear in their Shopfront, but in some cases that may still consist of hundreds of items. The left menu automatically sorts everything into categories and then sub-categories or titles as appropriate. The 'breadcrumb trail' also works to show the customer exactly where they are and what else the Seller has available.

    Promotion Pages

    Sellers may have multiple Promotion Pages on the website which can be used to (for instance) by publishers to give more information about specific magazine titles. As well as being accessible elsewhere on the website, a list of all the Promotion Pages controlled by a Seller is shown in that Seller's Shopfront.

    Configuring your Shopfront

    Sellers configure their Shopfronts from within their Seller account area, and it can easily be seen how each data for each element is entered and controlled.

    Note that the list of Promotion Pages that appears within the Shopfront is generated automatically and doesn't have to be entered by the Seller. For more information about Promotion Pages see the Trade Services Guide.

    Holiday Settings

    Sellers can activate this feature whenever they won't be able to process and despatch orders for a period of time; note that whilst the Holiday Settings feature is turned-on the Seller's items remain on sale, but with an icon displayed in the listing to indicate that there will be a delay in the despatch of any items purchased.

    In some circumstances a Seller may prefer to suspend their listings altogether, which can be done whilst still keeping their Seller account open and which might be a better option if they won't be able to process and despatch orders for a lengthy or indefinite time.

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