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Selling Back Issues Guide - Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Selling (Quick Start Guide)
  • Accessing Account (inc. password recovery)
  • Listing items for sale
  • Advice on Pricing
  • Packaging Contribution & Selling Fees
  • The Order Process (as viewed by Sellers)
  • Processing Orders
  • Cancelling / Refunding Orders
  • Packaging Advice
  • Despatching Orders
  • Your Shopfront
  • Account Profile / Suspending / Closing
  • Extra ways to promote your items (coming soon)
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    Advice on Pricing

    When first beginning to sell back-issues many Sellers are unsure what prices to charge. The usual and best advice is to spend some time browsing the site first to get a feel for the prices similar items are being offered at - but also bear the following in mind:.

  • The vast majority of back-issues on the site are priced in the £1.00 - £2.50 range. Very very few old magazines are 'collectable' in any real sense and the value to the customer comes from the articles within the magazine, not the intrinsic value of the magazine itself.

  • Back issues sold complete with any original supplements (especially supplements which are genuinely useful such as model building plans etc) do warrant significantly higher prices than normal issues. Conversely you MUST mention in the comments if any such items are missing from the issue you are selling.

  • Very low prices (eg. below 50p) will not necessarily result in greater sales and may even make customers wary of your items. The best way of encouraging sales is to price items sensibly, give a useful description, and if necessary contribute better photos and/or contents listings to the website for the items you're selling.

  • Be aware that Payment Processing Fees can on occasion have a disproportionate effect when selling items at very low prices.

  • A nominal 20p contribution towards packaging costs is paid to Sellers for each item on an order, but Sellers should ensure that any costs beyond that are built into in their selling prices. In particular note that the postage fee paid by customers and received by Sellers is based only on the weight of the purchased items themselves and does not cover either the cost of packaging materials or the additional postage costs they may cause. See also Packaging Advice.

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