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Managing Your Account Guide - Table of Contents

  • Opening an account (inc. AFTER ordering)
  • Accessing Account & Password Recovery
  • Viewing Orders & Leaving Feedback
  • Using the Messaging System
  • Buying and Downloading Digital Editions
  • Updating Profile (inc. Closing Account
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    Viewing Orders

    From within your customer account click on "My Orders" to view all orders that you have placed on the website whilst logged-in to your account.

    Clicking on an individual order number (in blue) will take you to the full details of that order.

    Understanding Order Status

    Recent orders in particular may be shown with a variety of different "statuses", which are explained below:

  • Failed - Your payment was either declined, or you cancelled it yourself.

  • Queued - Your payment has been authorised but hasn't actually been received yet - it's referred to as 'queued' because we are still waiting for it to arrive, but we know it's on it's way and there's nothing more you need to do

  • Payment Received - Your payment has been received - thank you!

  • Not Finished - We haven't yet received notification that the payment has been authorised, which might mean that the transaction failed but might also mean that there's been a delay in the communication of the data from the card processors. This happens frequently with Paypal transactions! If you are sure the payment has left your account you may want to contact Magazine Exchange so that we can check the transaction manually. Note that at this stage there is no point in contacting the individual Seller(s) from whom you purchased items because they do not receive orders until the "Payment Received" stage.

  • Despatched - Your order has been shipped to you

  • Complete - When an order has been marked as 'Complete' (rather than 'Despatched'), it means that it has been fully processed but some manual intervention was required - for instance if one or more items was out-of-stock. If something like this did happen you will almost certainly have already received an email about it.

  • Leaving Feedback

    Clicking on the SELLER-STATUS-FEEDBACK tab when viewing the details of an order allows you to leave feedback for that order.

    Note that the feedback you leave here should be your comments on the service you received from the Seller from whom you purchased the items, which might extend for example to comments regarding the condition of the items you received and the way they were packaged. Your feedback should NOT be a 'review' of the products themselves.

    Your feedback - both the comments themselves and their contribution to that Seller's feedback score - cannot be editted once it has been left, and will remain on the website indefinitely and be visible to other users - so take care to ensure that any comments you leave are accurate, honest and fair.

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