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Managing Your Account Guide - Table of Contents

  • Opening an account (inc. AFTER ordering)
  • Accessing Account & Password Recovery
  • Viewing Orders & Leaving Feedback
  • Using the Messaging System
  • Buying and Downloading Digital Editions
  • Updating Profile (inc. Closing Account
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    Closing and Deleting Your Account

    The account closing facility has been designed to be fully compliant with GDPR legislation, which means that, in addition to the account itself being closed, all customer personal information is simultaneously permanently deleted from Magazine Exchange records.

    This requirement means that customer details must also be deleted from (for instance) the records of any past and/or current orders that the customer has placed - but this deletion process must be handled with some care to avoid corruption of these order records, and potentially other things related to them such as Sellers' stockholding and financial records too. This makes the process of closing a customer account slightly more involved than it would otherwise be.

    The first step in the process is for the customer to log-in to their account and navigate to their "My Profile" page, as shown opposite. Now put a tick in the "Suspend Account" checkbox, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "Save" button.

    At this point the account will still continue to operate normally, but Magazine Exchange will be notified that the customer wishes the account to be closed and deleted. This process will be started as soon as it has been confirmed that there are no outstanding orders waiting to be despatched to the customer, then all records of the customer's personal details will be immediately deleted from the Magazine Exchange database, but in such a way that archived copies or orders and other transactions that the customer may have carried-out remain otherwise intact.

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