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Managing Your Account Guide - Table of Contents

  • Opening an account (inc. AFTER ordering)
  • Accessing Account & Password Recovery
  • Viewing Orders & Leaving Feedback
  • Using the Messaging System
  • Buying and Downloading Digital Editions
  • Updating Profile (inc. Closing Account
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    Marketplace Messaging System

    Your customer account contains a simple-to-use messaging system that allows customers to contact Sellers from whom they have purchased items, and vice versa. Customers can also use the system to contact Magazine Exchange themselves if required.

    Customers send and receive messages from within their accounts, with copies of the messages also sent by email.

    Note that use of the messaging system is monitored by Magazine Exchange and that it is not permitted to, for instance, solicit Sellers to trade outside the marketplace.

    Checked-out as a "Guest"?
    You can still send messages!
    Just open an account retrospectively

    Messaging a Seller (or Magazine Exchange) about an order

    To start a new conversation about an existing order first navigate to that order within your customer account - click on "My Orders" on the menu then, when the list of your previous orders is displayed, choose the relevant order by clicking on it's blue order number.

    The details of that order will now be displayed, as shown below.

    Now click on the "STATUS-SELLER-FEEDBACK" tab as shown below, then the blue "Contact seller" or "Contact Magazine Exchange" links as required

    When making enquiries about items you've purchased your initial contact should of course always be with the Seller from whom you purchased them. Usually the only reason for contacting Magazine Exchange about an order would be when intervention is required because, for instance, the Seller hasn't updated the order status or responded to previous messages.

    Received, Sent & Archived Messages

    Messages you've sent, and messages sent to you, can be accessed from the left menu as follows:

    My Messages - Received

    Messages sent to you either by a Seller or by Magazine Exchange themselves will appear here, and you will also receive copies by email. Once you've read messages you can reply to them if required, and delete or archive them as necessary

    My Messages - Sent

    Messages sent by you appear here, and again you can reply (send another message to the same recipient), delete or archive them as necessary

    My Messages - Archived

    Messages which you have archived messages are shown here - ie. messages that are no longer current but which you don't wish to permanently delete.

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