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Managing Your Account Guide - Table of Contents

  • Opening an account (inc. AFTER ordering)
  • Accessing Account & Password Recovery
  • Viewing Orders & Leaving Feedback
  • Using the Messaging System
  • Buying and Downloading Digital Editions
  • Updating Profile (inc. Closing Account
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    Accessing Your Customer Account (desktop version)

    The login page for customer accounts is very easily identifiable by the large "Buyer Login" graphic in the centre of the page. This is made deliberately obvious to distinguish this page from the separate Seller login page

    The buyer login page may be accessed either from the "MyMags" tab on the top menu, or simply by clicking the blue " Login " link that appears in the top right hand corner of each page
    Accessing Your Customer Account (mobile version)

    If you are using the website on a 'phone or other small-screen device then click the login icon to access your customer account

    Password Recovery

    If you have forgotten the password to your customer account click on the blue "Forgotten Password" link on the customer account log-in page; this will take you to a new page where you can enter your email address to receive an email containing a re-set link.

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