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Help Centre - Managing Your Account - Opening an Account

Managing Your Account Guide - Table of Contents

  • Opening an account (inc. AFTER ordering)
  • Accessing Account & Password Recovery
  • Viewing Orders & Leaving Feedback
  • Using the Messaging System
  • Buying and Downloading Digital Editions
  • Updating Profile (inc. Closing Account
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    Opening An Account - Before placing an order

    The most logical time to open a customer account is before you place your first order, and the process then is simply a matter of going to MyMags > Open Account on the top menu, and then completing a simple form to provide your email address and select a password to use to access the account..

    At that point your account will be opened immediately, with your "My Profile" page being the first screen that appears, into which you should now enter your address details and so on.

    Your customer account is now set-up and ready to be used when you subsequently place an order through the website. When you area ready to place an order do make sure that you are logged-in to your customer account first.

    Opening An Account - After placing an order

    It's very common for customers to "Checkout as a Guest" when placing an order and then subsequently want to gain the benefits of having a customer account. If you're in this situation then don't panic as it's entirely possible to open an account retrospectively by using the Forgotten Password facility exactly as though they had already opened an account but had lost access to it.

    The objective of opening an account retrospectively is for that account to contain details of orders you've placed previously - therefore when using the Forgotten Password facility you must enter the same email address that was used when ordering.

    NOTE: Using the Forgotten Password facility in the way is the only way of opening an account using the same email address as you've used previously. You cannot use the normal 'Open a Customer Account' form with an existing email address, even if you don't want the new account to show details of past orders. In this scenario you must use a different email address to open the new account.

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