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Traction Magazine, June 2009 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

The Class 47s - The first part of a major new 'Classic Classes'series by Simon Lilley, John G Hiscock and Robert Ward of the Class 47 Preservation Project
Just thirty-seven 37s Keith Widdowson's 'Tractor' turns..
A singular performance...and another from lan Lothian!
Transitional times - Scottish nostalgia from Strathwood
Up for the Cup! - Andrew Mist is the man of the match
Suffolk 'Tractor' action! - Al Pulford reflects on May 1984
Type 2s at Bedford - Midlands variety from Bill Davies
Sussex Motorman - Southern Region memories revived
Last rites at Old Oak - Tony Middleton presents a selection of images of the west London depot
TPO - More of your letters and photos
'Westerns' past & present - Recent and classic comparisons
Heritage update - Including 50 026's historic restart
Class 47 update - Parrot's quarterly Brush fleet report
Something for the weekend - Latest events round-up
Reviews - Some recent books, CD and DVDs
Traction Modelling - Richard Wilson on what's new
BR diesel tablet catcher equipment - Neil Phillips presents a retrospective guide and considers the options available for 4mm scale modellers

Article Snippets
Article Snippets
During April we saw a 'Western' back at work in the South-West while Class 37s returned to their rightful place working in the West Highlands. In addition to its booked workings, we had the nostalgic sight of D1015 Western Champion coming to the aid of the steam-hauled leg of a railtour. evoking memories of the 1960s when diesel-hydraulics piloted steom trains on heavy trains over the Devon banks- If you'd taken a cursory glance at the pair of 37s chosen for'The West Highlander'tour you could have thought that, of the two, 37 406 had the edge over the shabby- looking 37 670. However, it was the latter that completed the weekend's workings, later partnered with 37 401 (which must have come as a relief to the tour-goers after the unfortunate intervention of a brace of 'Sheds'), while 37 406 was sidelined at Mossend. Another 37 managed to appear in the West Highlands that weekend too, with 37 676 working 'The Scottish Chieftain' tour to Oban. April 17's tour itinerary to Scotland saw 47 805 + 47 843 work from Hooton to Aviemore with'The Highland Mountaineer'. It was good to see No.47 851 Traction Magazine out on April 18 (with a full rake of maroon coaches in tow) too with a Settle-Carlisle and Hope Valley scenic circular tour, which originated at Spondon. Class 50s have also been in the news with 50 026 Indomitable fired up for the first time in 18 years, while the finishing touches were put to 50 035 at Old Oak Common as it was transformed into 50 135 in Loodhoul livery! Both 50s will be amongst the exhibits at the Eastleigh 100 event over the Bonk Holiday weekend. May 23-25. This is shaping up to be a big event for enthusiasts and advance ticket sales for the Saturday are reported to be particularly popular. On the heritage lines there are events coming up at Bo'ness and Kinneil, the East Kent Railway, Llangollen, the Mid Hants, GCR (N) at Ruddington, and the West Somerset Railway. The Dartmoor Railway has now re-opened with DEMU workings between Okehampton and Meldon.The Mid Norfolk Railway's Spring Diesel Gala was a treat and it was splendid to see and travel behind The Class 56 Group's 56040 0ystermouth. Well done! Please support your local diesel group.
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