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  • About the Marketplace
  • About the Items for Sale
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    About the Marketplace

    The Magazine Exchange marketplace works in a similar way to the Ebay and Amazon marketplaces - Sellers offer their items for sale (in this case, back-issue magazines obviously) and Buyers and can purchase them, with the transaction facilitated and protected by the marketplace website.

    Both new and used items are available on the site and Sellers may be private individuals, small traders (for instance, second-hand book sellers) or larger business (eg. publishers selling 'New Unsold Stock' items).

    Unlike other marketplaces Sellers on Magazine Exchange pay no listing fees when selling on the site so none of those overheads have to be passed-on to customers. Also unlike on some other marketplaces the shipping costs paid by customers on Magazine Exchange are the same no matter which Seller you buy from - this is because the website itself calculates the correct shipping cost during the checkout process, and the order payment is also processed by Magazine Exchange, rather than it having to be completed as a separate transaction between the customer and the Seller.

    Lastly, as well as operating the website, Magazine Exchange also sell magazines themselves through the Marketplace, in exactly the same way as for instance Amazon sell items alongside other Sellers on their website.

    Selecting items

    In many cases the website will show different copies of the same item available from different Sellers. You can buy multiple items from multiple Sellers in a single order and the website will still be calculate the correct postage cost - although of course, 3 items bought from three different Sellers, for example, will cost more than three items from a single Seller sent to you in one package.

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