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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

Suez Crisis - Graham Caldwell examines how France and Britain's tactical success during the Suez conflict was let down by political and strategic failure, ending their roles as world superpowers.
Collecting Suez - Ed Hallett scours dealers in search of items of militaria related to the Suez Crisis for you to collect. There's everything from medals and uniforms to weapons.
Victorian military paintings - Ray Westlake looks at a selection of prints and paintings by Richard Caton Woodville, one of the premier artists o(| the British Victorian Army.
Collecting the Battle of Omdurman - Off to the heat of the Sudan as Edward Hallatf looks at what militaria is available to collect for this fascinating Sudanese campaign that saw Kitchener avenge the death of General Gordon of Khartoum.
The Earl’s holster pistols - Neil Melville investigates the puzzle behind a pair of flintlock pistols that are fine examples and absolutely typical of top quality English holster pistols of the early 18th century.
The Battle of the Falkland Islands - After Britain's catastrophic defeat at Coronel the Royal Navy sailed in search of revenge and found it at the Falkland Islands, in 1914, as Mark Wood explains.
The SMG of the Waffen-SS - Michael Heidler examines how the Waffen-SS tried to develop a J weapon to rival the Russian PPSh 41 but German in-fighting scuppered production.
The defence of Kelat-i-Ghilzie in 1842 - The Afghan War of 1839-42 established the basic principle that British soldiers would receive basic war medals to reward and commemorate their campaign service. This is one of the early medals.
Italian colonial troops in Eritrea - Gabriele Esposito describes the composition and organisation of the Italian colonial forces that fought to conquer Eastern Africa during 1935-1941.
Photo Inspector - Ray Westlake looks at the uniforms and insignia of five officers of the Special Reserve which was made up of civilians who had undertaken to attend regular military training camps.
Militaria reviews - Duncan Evans takes a look at the latest releases including puncturing the Spartan myth in The Bronze Lie, getting inside The 4th Waffen-SS, the history of the Navy SEALS in By Water Beneath the Walls and the early life of Prince Philip.
Your Letters - Your comments on what you've been reading and doing. This month we're discussing sinking the Bismarck, a dodgy photo, Vietnam medals and a new book.
Auction & Fair Diary - Lockdown has now officially ended with restrictions lifted, so check out the online arrangements for the auctions where you can top up your militaria collection and what fairs will be opening.
Competition - Thanks to our friends at Pen and Sword with have two prize bundles up for grabs with two winners each receiving a copy of Philip Prince of Greece, Waterloo Witnesses and Resistance Heroines in Nazi & Russian Occupied Austria.
Welcome - What the Editor has to say about this month's issue as we look at the post-WWI conflict that ended with Britain and France backing down under pressure from the Soviet Union and America.
News - What's happening in the world of miIitaria museums, exhibitions, collections and events. There's a new film to look out for, new exhibits at Newark and the Tank Museum and some cancellations.
The Household Cavalry - Kerry Culbert gets on her high horse with a trip to see the Queen's bodyguards at the Household Cavalry.
Under the hammer - Let's have a look at what's gone under the hammer with badges at C&T, medals at DNW and headgear at Ratisbon's.
Tales from the saleroom - Steve Woolnough muses on the high prices in auction rooms now restrictions have ended.
Militaria for sale - Lenny Warren takes a trip around the internet in search of rare, interesting and desirable collectables.
US M1956 web gear - In the first of a new six part series on the accoutrements of NATO in the Cold War, Edward Hallett looks at the ubiquitous US M1956 set.
In the sale rooms - Discover what's coming up for auction with air force items at Marlows and Peninsular War and Waterloo medals at Tennants.
Third Reich civilian daggers - In the fourth part of this series, John C Pursley describes the daggers used by the numerous domestic civil administrations in Germany.

Article Snippets
Article Snippets
As I write we are in the last hurrah of summer and the twin events of Military Odyssey (Kent) and The Victory Show (Leicestershire) are just weeks away. Both of these nailed their colours to the mast months ago with regards to going ahead, and with the relaxing of all social restrictions by the Government it looks like they timed it perfectly. That, unfortunately, can't be said of Pickering's Railway in Wartime and the Dig for Victory show, as well as a host of smaller shows, which have been unable to cope with the uncertainty and are cancelled again - see the news pages. What has been mooted has been the vaccine passport as we head into the autumn and winter, when the cold weather normally increases respiratory infections. Currently, only proposed for nightclubs and some large events, if Covid takes off again, which is certainly a possibility, then it may be extended to other events. We all want to see packed auction rooms, militaria fairs and big crowds at outdoor shows and if proof of vaccination is what it takes then it's certainly not a high price to pay in my book. For now though, enjoy the end of the summer and support your local militaria events while you can.
To this issue then, and the Suez Crisis. This really did mark the end of the old colonial European powers on the world stage. As Egypt nationalised the Suez Canal to take control of a vital waterway through its own country, Britain and France sought to take it back and overthrow the Egyptian President. The plan, to get Israel to invade and then to pile in under the pretext of being peacemakers hardly covered any of the participants in glory. While the military mission was going well, it was the political stage where the battle was ultimately lost. We can only speculate on what would have happened if Britain and France had not acceded to demands for a ceasefire and withdrawal - there would have been the very real possibility of facing Soviet troops shipped in to support Egypt. Read how the campaign played out and the consequences for its abrupt end.
Also in this issue we are following up the naval Battle of Coronel from last month with the Battle of the Falkland Islands. Having been given a bloody nose by the German Navy the Royal Navy was bristling for a revenge fight and, down by the Falkland Islands, they got one.
Back to the theme of post-WWII collecting though. As Ed Hallett's previous series on forgotten and unusual webbing sets was well received, he's been commissioned with a new challenge - webbing of the Cold War, for both Allies and Soviet forces. It starts this month the US M56 webbing kit. If your collecting interests are elsewhere then there's a varied selection of articles for your consideration. These include Third Reich civilian daggers, the Kelat-i-Ghilzie medal from 1842, Victorian military paintings, a set of Lauderdale pistols and a new weapon for the Waffen-SS called the MP SS 42, that never made it to the front line.
Duncan Evans
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