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    What are Digital Editions?

    Digital magazine editions are simply regular magazine issues which are stored in an electronic format rather than being printed on paper.

    Digital versions of newly published magazines are commonly available nowadays, albeit usually in proprietary file formats that limit what the purchaser can do with the item they've bought.
    The Magazine Exchange website instead specializes in offering older magazine issues in digital format, and also in offering them in Watermarked PDF format which allows the customer to permanently download the issues they buy, and then view them (and indeed print out copies etc) in any way they wish.

    What will I receive...And what can I do with it?

    The process of purchasing a digital magazine edition on Magazine Exchange website Is identical to that for paper editions, except of course there is no delivery charge to pay and you don't have to wait for the item to arrive by post.

    Instead the customer immediately receives an email containing a secure download link for each digital edition they'e bought, and these download links can also be accessed in the customer's account area on the website
    Once you've downloaded the file you have purchased you can of course open and view it in The app of your choice (which might simply be your web browser), and of course save it permanently to your device, and even print-out paper copies for your own use if you wish.

    Note that What you are NOT authorised to do is to make and distribute electronic or paper copies of the file to others, either freely or for reward.

    Provided here are two free samples digital magazine editions that you can download and view immediately:-

    Note that one of these sample magazines is amateur-produced from a scan of an original print copy, whilst the other is professionally produced. Also notice that both these PDF files include an example watermark

    Free Sample Download

    An example of a produced-from-a-scan digital edition issue in Watermarked PDF format

    Free Sample Download

    An example of a 'professionally' produced digital edition issue in Watermarked PDF format

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