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Flypast Magazine, August 2017 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
eatures Wing to wing Darren Harbar presents a special feature profiling some of the UK companies offering the chance to fly alongside Spitfires or other warbirds. The Italian job Jet pilot Mark Berent remembers his time delivering former RAF Sabres across Europe to Italy. Cold War Vampires George Aird reflects on his time flying Vampires and Venoms near the Iron Curtain to Tom Spencer. Over the trenches Andrew Thomas recounts entries from the remarkable journal of World War One pilot Sidney Parker. THE MIGHTY EIGHTH Valour over Schweinfurt Sixty bombers failed to return from Schweinfurt as Luftwaffe attacks took a terrible toll. Paul Bingley explains. Hail the Liberator Warren E Thompson highlights some of the exploits of the Mighty Eightha€ s Consolidated B-24 Liberator units. Little Friends Fighter escorts were not the only a€~little friendsa€ helping US bomber crews. Ian McLachlan tells the story of one pilot and his four-legged buddy. Sally Forth Chris Gilson speaks to Elly Sallingboe, operator of the UKa€ s legendary Boeing B-17G Flying Fortress Sally B. Flypast Spotlight: Avro Lincoln Origin and History We detail the four-engined bombera€ s history. Lincoln In Combat Intended to bomb Japan, the Lincoln earned its place in RAF history on air policing operations. Graham Pitchfork explains. Avro in Profile Andy Hay artwork of a Lincoln that served the Argentine Air Force. Men Behind the Lincoln Dr Robert Owen describes how a return from a deployment to Egypt went horribly wrong. Regulars Airshow Visits to spectacular events at Duxford and Cosford. From The Workshop Stephen Riley talks to the Ulster Aviation Societya€ s restoration teams about their many projects. FlyPost Readersa€ letters. Glory Days Rarely seen colour images showing Luftwaffe aircraft and personnel in the Mediterranean theatre. Museums a€ Temora Tom Allett visits Australiaa€ s Temora Aviation Museum and finds out what it takes to keep its impressive warbird fleet airworthy. Finals Douglas C-47B Skytrain.
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Article Snippets

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