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Contribute Content Guide - Add New Category


Magazines already on site:
Improve exist. page
'About this title' info.

Magazines not yet on site:
Add new issue
Add new category

Publishers only:
Control your titles

Suggest a new Category

If you have magazines you wish to sell on the website for which there isn't currently
a suitable category you can use the form below to suggest that one be created.

Note that there are some restrictions on the types of magazines that can be sold,
and also that to justify a new category being set-up you must have a worthwhile number
of items which you intend to list for sale immediately in that category.

Note that 'Year' level sub-categories are created automatically and don't have to be requested.

Request access to Category

Trade Sellers are able to use the
Items for Sale > Create Product Page facility
to add new products directly to the website
themselves; however within this facility
permissions are controlled at the category
level, meaning that users will initially find some
categories are 'greyed-out' and cannot be selected.

Use the form below to request additional permissions
within the Create Product Page facility, or indeed to
use the facility itself if you don't yet have access.

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