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Aviation News Magazine, March 2017 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
horts 330 & 360: The Flying a€~Shedsa€ Charles Woodley tells the story of the Shorts 330/360 family of regional airliners. Firefighting USAF Hercules: Salvation from Above Dr Kevin Wright visited the 146th Airlift Wing of the California Air National Guard to find out about its airborne firefighting mission. Desert Lightning: The English Electric Fighter in Saudi Arabia Hugh Trevor chronicles Lightning operations in the Royal Saudi Air Force and speaks to the British crews who flew and serviced the jets in the desert. Learning to Fly the Lightning Ian Black recalls what it was like to learn to fly and operate the Lightning from his time on the LTF conversion course. TALES FROM THE LOGBOOK: The Last Lightning Show RAF Binbrook - August 22, 1987 Brian Hodgson recalls an historic event that was a fitting farewell to the charismatic Lightning, despite rain and low cloud. Cardiff Airport: Rising Fortunes Cardiff Airport is booming after a spell in the doldrums. Geoff Jones explains whata€ s driving the turnaround. Airbus A300 a€ First of the Family Charles Kennedy examines the highs and lows of the game-changing Airbus A300. 82nd Fighter Groupa€ s a€~Fork-tailed Devilsa€ Two former 82nd Fighter Group P-38 Lightning fighter pilots graphically recall memorable missions over North Africa and Italy. Warren Thompson reports. Headlines Civil News Military News Preservation News Viewing Area Guide Flight Bag Airport Movements Register Review FREE DVD! Claim your FREE Extreme Airports or A-4 Skyhawk Cockpit DVD worth Ã
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