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Aviation News Magazine, July 2017 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
EATURES Dan-Aira€ s Comets: Second-hand Stalwarts Second-hand Comets found a willing buyer in London-based Dan-Air, as Robin Cordery reveals. Fulcrum Rejuvenated Alexander Mladenov and Krassimir Grozev consider the latest incarnation of the Fulcrum, which is marketed as the MiG-35. USAF Heritage Flights: Honouring the Past Tom Kaminski reports on the USAF Heritage Flight Programme. Sabres in Korea The F-86 Sabre proved to be an excellent dog fighter and was put to the test fighting MiGs in the Korean War. Flying the F-4 Phantom in Vietnam Colonel Richard H Graham (reta€ d) is best known as an SR-71 Blackbird pilot a€ but he earlier flew 210 combat missions in the F-4 during the Vietnam War. USAF F-35A Force Review Tom Kaminski examines the growth and development of the USAFa€ s Lightning II fleet. B-52 Through the Decades Boeinga€ s B-52 Stratofortress has played a significant part in the history of the USAF. The eight-engined bomber has evolved over the decades and, as Dr Kevin Wright explains, is still a versatile and potent combat aircraft. CityJet: Master of Diversification CityJet has undergone rapid expansion in the last few years. Bernie Baldwin was keen to learn the secrets of its success. Blackburn Beverley: A Star Out East The Blackburn Beverley came into its own thousands of miles from home, as two men who operated the aircraft tell Dr Kevin Wright. REGULARS Headlines Military News Civil News Preservation News Flight Bag Airshow News Aviation Events Calendar Register Review Airport Movements Air Base Movements FREE BOOK! Claim your FREE Civil or Military Aircraft Markings book worth Ã
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