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Front cover of Air World International Magazine, August 1995 Issue

Air World International Magazine, August 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Lakeland Comes Of Age - Sample the delights of an American fly-in that rivals Oshkosh.
Spottin the Old Fashioned Way - Mike Bowyer looks back on 60 years of aircraft spotting.
Slovak Air Force - an AWI exclusive on the state of the air force after the great divide.
Aladdin'S Cave - AWI reveals the jewels tucked away in the dark recesses of the Royal Air Force's restoration facility at Cardington.
66-UK - the 66th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing's RMCs at RAF Upper Heyford.
The Best Of Both Worlds - a second look at Air UK-this time at its rapidly expanding routes.
The 51St Fighter and the F-80 in Korea - Robert F Dorr concludes the story of the 51st's Shooting Stars in Korea.
Enthusiast's Day Out - Russ Russell fulfils a life's ambition and then delivers the second entry to AWI's New Blood Competition.
Flying, Seat of the Pants Style! - chris Stevens goes microlighting over the picturesque Marlborough Downs.

Regular Features:
Air Waves - the editor answers your letters.
I-DENT - we help you to ID those mystery aircraft and tell you where they went.
Flight Plans - Flight Plans 1:72 scale drawings of Japanese fighter - Mitsubishi Zero.
Old Pilots... Bold Pilots - a close encounter with the ground!
Three GreenS - are out-of-sequence registrations out of control Sue Bushell looks at the vagaries of UK aircraft registrations.

Cover Story:
Rover Aerobatics - The Rover Group has recently entered the aircraft aerobatics sponsorship arena with one of the industry's best - Firebird Aerobatics. Reg Baram visited Denham Airfield in Buckingham to watch Brian Lecomber and Alan Wade put two brand new Extra 300s through their paces.

Low Pass:
The most up-to-date news from around the world on all sectors of aviation military, civil and historical plus ...
G-List - new UK aircraft registrations.
Airliner Update - airliner orders and deliveries to date.

Flight Time - due to popular demand we've given Peter March a pilot' column all of his own.
Star & Bar - reports from Nellis AFB on the recent Exercise Long Shot.
Diary Of a Red Star - Garry Sharp descibes the first race of the season from the hot seat. On page ut Airline Review the most up-to-date information from the worldwide commercial sector.
EMU (European Military Update) - the SU-22 Fitter in Czechoslovak service.
Showtime - Peter R March looks back at North Weald, Hradec Kralove. Mildenhall, La Ferte Alais and Biggin Hill, and forward to Yeovirton, Bruntingthorpe, the Rying Legends at Duxford. Fairford, Culdrose, Plymouth and Weston-super-Mare.
Airshow Calendar '95 - more delights for you to organise your summer around.

Product Review:
Flying KitS - news and reviews galore from Richard Franks.
Fly Cover - Jon Lake reads another pile of books just so you can be selective.
All Geared Up - and what a mixed batch We have this month - we look at a scanner, a video, PC software and a cross-stitch pattern.

Win - one of 12 chance to fly in a Tiger Moth in AWI's 'Day Out at Mithril'.
Win - a flight in a microlight - six unbelievable experiences up for grabs.
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Article Snippets
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