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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, September 1984 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, September 1984 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Grapevine - Philip Jarrett 's monthly review of happenings in the aircraft preservation world Probe Probare No 6: Handley Page
Heyford - In their latest feature on aircraft which received special attention from the Aeroplane and Armament Experimental Establishment, Alee Lumsden and Terry Heffernan examine the last of the RAF's biplane bombers
A portrait of Percival - The talented aircraft designer Edgar Wikner Percival. who died in January this year. is remembered by his brother, Robert Percival, who recalls some of the achievements of the man who remained active in aviation for more than 70 years
How it really was - So much has been written about the Battle of Britain?some of it apocryphal, written with one hundred per cent hindsight by many who never witnessed those exciting jousts of 44 summers ago. Wg Cdr Tom Neil flew as a young Hurricane pilot in the Battle and he recalls how it really was, in his own inimitable style
Plying camera - John Cramp t on has been a compulsive aeromodeller all his life. and during the past five years has been perfecting his art of taking aerial photographs from model aircraft. He explains here how it is done
The Skyblazers - Alan Crouchman recounts the 12-year history of the official acrobatic team of the Twelfth Air Force from 1949 until 1961
Preservation Profile - Shuttleworth's Clerva C.30A G-AHMJ comes under scrutiny
Wings of Peace No 12: Wibault-Penhoet 280T - John Stroud's series on between the wars European airliners continue with a French tnmotor often mistaken for the Junkers-Ju 52
British pre-war ultra-light aircraft No 42:ANEC 1 - Richard Riding describes another diminutive competitor in the 1923 Lympne lightplane trials
Armchair Aviation/Where are they now?
Personal Album - A collection of photographs taken at the Royal Singapore Flying Club in the Thirties.

Front Cover - Andrew Edie's smart AT-6G. G-BKFtA. painted in US Navy markings, is the subject of our cover this month and was photographed by GORDON BAIN near Shoreham on June 10 this year. Paul Shipton was the pilot.
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