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Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, January 2003 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

NEWS - All the latest preservation news from the UK and around the world, presented by Tony Harmsworth
LOST AND FOUND - Philip Jarrett trawls for information on an obscure Short Brothers biplane
CONTACT! - Paul Coggan comments on the preservation scene
SKYWRITERS - Readers' letters
FLYING VISIT - A potted interview with Gee Bee racer pilot Delmar Benjamin, by Melvyn Hiscock
PICTURE OF THE MONTH - This month's photograph features the English Electric Canberra Archive
LOOKING BACK - Nick Stroud browses in The Aeroplane of 55 years ago
HIGH SOCIETY - The Beagle Pup & Bulldog Club is this month's subject
CROSSWIND - John Maynard's regular comment column


FLYING THE DECKS - Melvyn Hiscock reports from the Aeroplane / Army Museum reader event in November
THE MOSQUITO... AS ONE PILOT SAW IT - David Ogiivy presents a personal view of what de Havilland's "Wooden Wonder' was like to fly
A CENTURY OF ... AERO-ENGINES - Bill Gunston presents a masterly distillation of 100 years of development
CLAIMS TO FAME - Philip Jarrett opens a six-part reassessment of the pioneers who, some believe, flew before the Wrights
ALIVE AND VERY WELL - Philip Makanna's air-to-air photographs of the world's only airworthy Avro Shackleton
INDIANA TIGER HUNT - Nick Stroud reports from the USA on how he tried some unrestrained, 1930s-style open cockpit flying |
A VOYAGE OF EXPLORATION - Plight Lieutenant Charlie Brown recounts how he test-flew the world's only airworthy Hawker Nimrod
THE BIRTH OF THE ATA - Former wartime ferry pilot Lettice Curtis, recounts how the Air Transport Auxiliary was formed
RENO'S RETURN - Michael O'Leary reports from the USA's National Championship Air Races
PRESERVATION PROFILE - Luscombe Silvaire HB-DUX is this month's subject


TYPE HISTORY - Paul Leaman describes the development of Anthony Fokker's light and agile World War One fighter PLUS scale drawings by Tim Hall
"HALS UND BEINBRUCH!" - The Dr Fs wartime career and the units it served with are detailed by Paul Leaman
UNDER THE SKIN OF A DREIDECKER - A thorough technical description of the triplane PLUS cutaway drawing by David R. Jones
FLYING THE Dr 1 - A pilot's perspective of the tricky triplane
THE RED BARON - Nick Stroud recounts the life and career of the Dr Fs most famous exponent, Manfred von Richthofen
TRIPLANE REPLICAS - Although no Dr Is survived beyond the Second World War, the triplane is still well represented by replicas

Just when you think it's all over...Our Navigator section at the back of the magazine tells you all you need to know about what to buy and where to go:
- Book and video reviews
- Internet
- Christmas gift ideas
- Information exchange
- Christinas reader offers
- Airshows and events
- RAF Museum/Lufthansa Competition
- Coming next month in Aeroplane
- Aeroplane services
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