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Profile page for Zinio Digital Magazines

The Zinio digital newstand offers thousands of magazine titles in digital form, available for purchase both as individual issues and in the form of on-going digital subscriptions.

As a US-based company Zinio catalogue offers primarily US titles, although there are also plenty of European magazines featured too from the larger publishers. All magazines can of course be purchased and read by customers in any country.

Magazines are supplied in Zinio's own proprietary format and are stored and read in the Zinio app, which is available for use online and in Apple and Android devices. For full technical information see the Zinio website.

Many magazine issues shown on the Magazine Exchange website contain links within the "Digital Editions" tab to the Zinio website where the Zinio version of that issue may be purchased, downloaded and read. Note that the price for a Zinio item shown on the Magazine Exchange site should be regarded as indicative only because Zinio might have changed the price since the link was added.

Magazine Exchange operates as an affiliate of Zinio in terms of providing such links and may earn a commission if a customer uses the link and then subsequently makes a purchase from Zinio - however that transaction is entirely carried-out between the customer and Zinio only - Magazine Exchange has no visibility or involvement with transactions that take place on the Zinio website and cannot assist with questions or queries regarding them.