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Yachting World Magazine, May 2002 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
From the Editor - It was Dick Newick who railed against his fellow designers for putting performance before safety in their 'Greed for Speed'
On the wind - Steve Fossett plans more record attempts on his maxi-cat Play Station', the 'yellow boat', ex-Aqua Quorum, has been spotted drifting in the Atlantic; a rash of Arctic adventures in yacht, kayak and motor boat. Plus a new column leading up to the Louis Vuitton Cup
Preece comment - How to put the 'wow' factor back into the Volvo Ocean Race. Could a move up to 80-footers do it?
Letters to the Editor - Should the Antarctic Peninsula really be called the Palmer Peninsula? A mystery solved and a final word from the owner of The Lady Anne
Leading Edge - Kite power has been looked at by speed pioneers as well as thrill seekers but a new idea from Dave Culp could have kites used to tow ships
Dogwatch - Done well, there is no greater pleasure than sailing off the anchor...
Greed for Speed - Ever since men first put to sea, the search has been on for a faster craft. This 26-page special feature looks at record-breaking designs and the yachtsmen who have pushed back the speed limit
Speed pioneers - David Pelly introduces some of the brilliant, innovative and at times plain wacky inventions from the Portland Speed Week
Offshore record-breakers - From 19th Century tea clippers to the maxi-multis of today, the search for speed across oceans has spurred new designs, writes James Boyd
Breaking the 50-knot barrier? - Some believe that 50 knots is a barrier that will be impossible to crack; others are striving to prove it can be done, reports Matthew Sheahan
Pushing the boundaries - The next wave of bigger, faster, lighter ocean speedsters are already on the drawing board, says Elaine Bunting, but is where is the limit?
Cruising Log - Speed isn't only the preserve of the racers; there have been developments in cruisers, too. Plus Andrew Bray reports on rain and rate rises in the Grenadines and Sally Andrew asks where is it safe to cruise these days?
Letter from the South Pacific - Brian Savage and Colleen Ryan sign off from Australia at the end of their Pacific voyage with a look at kangaroos and quarantine
Wild North Shore - On the north shore of the Gulf of St Lawrence lies a remote cruising ground where bears and bake apples, lobsters and lee shores can make vour cruise a true adventure
Countdown to the Gyp - Would anyone expect an America's Cup design guru to tell the whole truth at a design symposium in Auckland? Maybe not, but Tom Schnackenberg was spell-binding in his explanations of Cup design
The ultimate design challenge - You can't win the America's Cup without a fast boat, no matter how good your crew, says Matthew Sheahan. That is why syndicates spend millions tinkering with variables and velocity prediction programs. This time all are starting from the same benchmark, the winning NZL60, but where will they end up?
Fishtales - Rainbow //was the one-tonner that put the Kiwis on the racing map
What's New - Plans for marine megastores around Britain; a new range of specialist underwear; the best in binoculars; and caring for your teak
New Yachts - The MAS J80, a dramatic-looking sloop with minimalist Italian styling; a sportier Nauticat 37-footer; a Reichel Pugh 36 from Mike Eaton in Cornwall and the Australian Wizard 1250 Tourer now afloat
On test - Jeanneau 43-footers - Following their success with three-in-one 40-footers, the French giant have launched three variations on the same 43ft hull
SuperSail - Details of the J Class Velsheda's makeover at Southampton Yacht Services after five years of continuous sailing, including a circumnavigation. Plus the official America's Cup Jubilee book reviewed
Cruising at 20 knots - At 104ft, Lady Barbaretta is shaping up to be the largest all-carbon catamaran ever built. David Glenn pays the Cherbourg yard of CMN-JMV Industries a visit, where he also saw the new Mari-Cha IVm build
Next month in Yachting World - The latest Open 60 racing trimarans and how to build an ACC boat
Yachts for sale - 1000s of yachts for sale in our brokerage pages
Classified ads - All the kit you need for the start of the season in our classified section
Robin Knox-Johnston - Keep your timbers pickled in saltwater if you want them to last
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Article Snippets
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