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Woodturning Magazine, February 2021 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

Issue 353

Sharpening woodturning tools - In the final part of his series, Marty Kaminsky explains his Easy-Peasy method for bowl, spindle and detail gouge sharpening
Choosing timber for turning - Alan Holtham discusses how to pick the best wood for your project
Fire up the compressor - it’s time for airbrushing - Get your vapour mask on as Stewart Furini shows a few airbrushing techniques to decorate your woodturning
Success and safety with larger bowls - Mark Palma explains the technicalities of turning bigger
Kurt’s clinic - Kurt Hertzog answers readers’ questions
Turning a dodecahedron - Art Glickman demonstrates how to turn pentagons into a dodecahedron sphere 
Kit & tools - 77 We look at the latest product news

Tea for two, Clarice? - Les Symonds makes a tea service for two, influenced by the work of Clarice Cliff
Sovereign balls - rediscovering the rediscovered - Andy Coates continues his look at Sovereign balls
Apothecary vase - Steve Bisco delves into the dark art of fuming oak
Turned hearts - Richard Findley takes up the challenge to make a piece of jewellery
Paperknife - Stephen Long turns an elegant two-piece letter-opener
Carved stools - Bob Chapman turns and carves some seats for the next generation
Pole lathe leg turning - Danny Harling shows how to turn a baluster-style chair leg

Slow craftsmanship - Woodturner, carver and furniture maker Bobby Mills takes time to craft uniquely beautiful work
Hosting a disabled turner - Emiliano Achaval explains the practicalities of accommodating Troy Grimwood
Happy New Year - Pete Moncrieff-Jury takes a positive look towards 2021

Introduction - Welcome to the latest issueof Woodturning
Our contributors - Meet our authors
Next issue - Find out what’s in store in the next issue
From the community - We share a selection of readers’ letters
Community news - Catch up with the latest woodturning news



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Article Snippets

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