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Front cover of Traction Magazine, September 2007 Issue

Traction Magazine, September 2007 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

Farewell to 50 040 - Lorin Cutts pays a fond tribute to his favourite 'Hoover'
Bescot - August 1992 - David J Hayes presents some of his photos from a memorable event.
'Excuse me, which way is Perth?' - Dean Tabor recalls a trip in July 1980 which didn't go quite to plan!
The Weymouth variety show - Steve Morris looks back on a summer-dated working in the 1990s.
To dream, perchance to sleep - David Percival continues his story of his travels for work in the 1960s, this time featuring journeys from Euston.
The last great shed bash - Sunday, August 1,1982 saw Bill Davies set off on a visit to Doncaster Works and depots in the area.
'Crompton' quintet - Brian Knight presents five of his pictures featuring Class 33s on a variety of duties 1988-1992.
Main line moves - Some recent workings featuring the power of the past.
TPO - More of your letters and photos.
'Westerns' revived at Kingswear - Kelvin Lumb was at Kingswear 30 years ago for a welcome re-union.
Heritage hydraulics - Some recent hydraulic hghlights.
Class 47 update - Parrot reports on the Brush Type 4 moves for the period April to June.
'That Which Survives' - Paul Fuller heads to Holland for a railtour featuring Class 58 haulage.
Heritage update - This month's pictures include classes 20,47 and the re-liveried 89 001.
Review - More contenders for your collection.
Kingmoor contrasts - We close with two 'blue' shots from Kevin Stephens at Carlisle in 1975.

Cover: D1012 Western Firebrand, in original maroon livery with small yellow panels, is pictured at Plymouth

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