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Traction Magazine, February 1999 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Featuring more amazing traction developments and happenings from the tail end of 1998. There's good news and there's some not so good news...
Taking Stock
Get your pen at the ready as the Class 37s go into new pools!
Preserved Traction
News from the preservation scene which recently witnessed 50 019 Ramillies enter service on Santa Specials in a covering of snow!
Classic Classes
The 'Peaks' Part 1 - Class 44s. Mike Kerry begins a major 4-part series covering the venerable 'Peaks' with the Class which received the names that gave rise to the nickname.
Photo Review of 1998
A selection of photographs to complement last month's look back at one of the most remarkable years for notable events in recent times.
D9000's Service Record
Andy Flowers takes a look at the recent workload of celebrity 'Deltic' D9000 Royal Scots Grey.
Freight Survivors
Carlisle. Steve Craig summarises freight operations to be found at this busy West Coast Main Line location.
Class 58 Fleet Report
This month Paul Scott details the current liveries and names applied to the 50-strong fleet of Class 58s, plus he gives a recent example of the operational status of these Type 5s.
Wakefied Remembered
After our recent Wakefield 'Freight Survivors' feature, Steve Jordan presents a pictorial selection from the same location taken during 1986/87.
The Last Shift
Harry Friend recollects his last days working for BR, during which he remained controversial to the end.
Down and Out at Stratford
A trio of locos which had seen better days recorded at the East London depot by Garry Stroud.
Barrow Hill Memories
Two photos by John Rudd which show the Chesterfield roundhouse depot during BR days to mark the recent revival of this interesting structure.
Including news of our Limited Edition Lima 20 227 TRACTION which is now available.
Swinging through the 'Sixties
Through a selection of his pictures, Tony Sullivan recalls some of the changes and variety found on our railway network during the 1960s - when we were 'Fab'!
Whatever gets you through the night
Geoff Gillham selects ten of his nocturnal studies from the 1970s and 80s, at a time of the year when tripods are the order of the day before teatime!"
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Article Snippets
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