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Front cover of The Railway Magazine, September 1997 Issue

The Railway Magazine, September 1997 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue

HEADLINE NEWS - 'Deltic' returns to front-line timetabled service; Ivatt tanks for Isle of Wight; HSE wants to ban Mk I stock; Wagons roll as York Works re-opens; "Steel blue livery for EWS 60s; 'Paddys engine' sold to Ian Riley; Hams Hall opens for business; Southall Steam Centre closes; Three Flying Scotsman owners together for first time; Nightstar axed - official; Signal fault as train goes on wrong line; Green Arrow completion 'delayed.

THE 'SPECIAL' PAGES: Get the latest information on steam and modern traction railtours on our 'special' pages.
STEAM NEWS - Toddington line opens to Gotherington; Hawksworth I SXX prepares for service; Quainton expansion plans unveiled; Great Central to become life-sized Hornby-Dublo set for weekend; RPSI in workshop appeal; Nunney Castle for East Lanes; Swanage doubles services;
NARROW-GAUGE NEWS - Welshpool plans 'Plethora of Steam'; Month of steam at South Tynedale; Open day at Alan Keef works, plus the latest news on the the Welsh Highland Railway rebuilding.
TRACTION NEWS - Virgin makes 1C 125 improvements; New-liveried EWS loco in depot collision; Connex orders 30 Class 375 units; DRS loco fleet expands to 23; Stored Class 508s for Connex routes; Second Tri-Bo in Swiss naming;
PRESERVED TRACTION NEWS - D400 joins Detoc 9000 fleet; More Class 50s for the main line; Major success for East Lanes diesel gala; More Class 47s join Fragonset fleet; Brush overhaul for Gordon Highlander' FIGHT FOR FREIGHT - More positive developments as freight traffic continues to expand.
NETWORK NEWS - Fonts Mill branch gets Royal Train use; Winter improvements for North West Trains; BRT-Racal telecom network goes live.
OPERATIONS NEWS - A monthly round-up of news from the train operating companies, freight hauliers and railway workshops.

CENTENARY DINNER - The Railway Magazine's Centenary Dinner, at The National Railway Museum, York- was an outstanding success. The historic occasion is recalled in words and pictures.
GRASS ROOTS  - Was it really that long ago? Another fascinating dip into the preservation archives.
PANORAMA - A selection of gems feature in our monthly showcase of photography, sponsored by Fuji.

THE NEW RAILWAY BARONS: JAMES SHERWOOD - The Nick Pigott Interview puts Great North Eastern Railway owner James Sherwood under the spotlight.
CHANGES IN EAST COAST SCHEDULES - In Practice & Performance, chief correspondent Peter Semmens looks at recent improvements to East Coast Main Line schedules.
'SWISS 150' REVIEW  - Eric Sawford presents a photographic review of some of the exhibits in the 'Swiss 150' cavalcade in Lausanne.

A PRESERVATION HAT-TRICK - Three consecutive former Great Western sonora in Herefordshire have been preserved - virtual un-noticed by the enthusiast fraternity. Although the line closed many years ago, centenary celebrations take place in September. Nick Pigott tells the story of this unusual trio.
THE CLASSIC YEARS - A 'Classic Years' special featuring the work of Jack Crawley, who used to accompany Maurice Earley on photographic trips.             ,
NOW IT CAN BE TOLD...! Gerry Kreibich recalls acts of schoolboy mischief during his travels between Manchester and Warrington in the 1940s.

GOLDEN JUBILEE OF THE MAIN LINE DIESEL - In the third part of this series, Colin Manden looks at a further 12 classes of locomotive.
METROLINK WINGS ITS WAY TO THE AIRPORT - As its success continues, the Manchester Metrolink tram system is preparing to expand to the ciy's airport. Tony Miles reports.

£4,000 CONTEST

Front cover: 'Black Five' No. M5337- In earliest BR guise without the '4' prefix - storms out of Wansford Tunnel on July 20, the loco's first day of public service after it
was secured by the Nene Valley Railway for summer services. PAUL BASON. Inset: The first departures from traditional EWS red and yellow livery: Class 60s Nos. 60006 and 60033 in British Steel blue. (See Story p8) 

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