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Front cover of The Railway Magazine, June 1990 Issue

The Railway Magazine, June 1990 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
CHANNEL TUNNEL UPDATE: The ups and downS of tunnelling progress, new self-steering vehicles for the Service Tunnel, and all the rest of the news on the railway engineering project of the century.
NEWS & NOTES - Where does one begin In a month when so much has been happening? A variety of new stock Is unveiled, the 'Duchess' returns with a vengeance, a new bridge goes up In Birmingham, and there's much more as well.
MAILBAG - What will happen to the Far North Line as new road building cuts corners everywhere In Scotland? The 71000 Duke of Gloucester team seek more support with a tongue-in-cheek (or is it?) suggestion. And why don't train seats line up with windows any more?
D49S REMEMBERED - For many years, the three-cylinder 'Hunt' and 'Shire' 4-4-Os served loyally on local and Intermediate passen- ger trains In several pockets of the former London & North Eastern Railwaya€then the diesel multiple units came along.
ROTHER REVIVAL - Peter Hill writes about an imaginative scheme to restore a stretch of line In the Pother Valley, and brings us up to date with progress so far.
EASTFIELD VISIT - Colln J. Marsden calls In at Glasgow's major diesel depot, Eastfleld, and reports on the Important maintenance work that goes on there.
A TALENT UNVEILED - A year and a half ago, hardly anyone had heard or railway artist Barry John Freemana€"so how has his amazing talent suddenly come to the tore? Peter Kelly visits the village near Bedford where he lives to find out.
STOCK CHANGES - Your monthly update of locomotive and rolling stock .changes from the team at Platform 5.
THE GREAT LADY - Our centre spread this month Is devoted to the long-awaited return of Stanler Pacific No. 46229 'Duchess of Hamilton' to the main line.
BAGNALLS FOR THE RAJ - With some superb colour from Gavin Morrlson, Allan C. Baker describes the impressive record of locomotive exports to India achieved by the Stafford builder W. G. Bagnall Ltd.
MIXED TRAIN WEEKLY - In 'Locomotive Practice & Powerformance'. Peter Semmens journeys to South America for an unforget- table trip on a General Motors diesel across the waterless Atacama Desert.
SHED VISIT - Continuing his popular series on locomotive depots In the days of steam, Eric H. Sawford remembers Nine Elms (70A) and its interesting variety of Southern motive power.
WIRRAL MEMORIES - The WIrral was once the hub of a bustling network of railways serving the Important Merseyside area around BIrkenhead. Rex Chrlstlansen remembers.
MORE ON THE METRO - In the concluding part of his In-depth look at the Tyne & Wear Metro system, Colln J. Marsden centres on the important subjects of maintenance and control.
WORTH VALLEY REPORTS - 'Railway Magazine' visits the picturesque and ever-popular Kelghley & Worth Valley Railway.

50 & 20 Years Ago
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Front cover: Main photo by David Eatwell is a superb panned shot of the unique BR Standard class 8 Pacific No 71000 'Duke of Gloucester'leaving Derby with its test train of 14 March Other photos show 'Jinly' 0-6-0T No 47279 and the strikingly-repainted 5700 class 0-6-0 pannier tank No 5775 as they climb towards Oakworth with the 12.13 ex-Keighley on 1 April (Dr Bill Sharman) and the 'Networker'development unit No. 316 999 at Clacton Depot on 5 April (Colin J Marsden)
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Article Snippets
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