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The Railway Magazine, August 1990 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
NEWS & NOTES - Pages of It, Including the first BR through train to MInehead, West Somerset Railway, In 19 years, and the opening of an Impressive museum building at the Midland Railway Centre.
SECTOR & REGIONAL NEWS - In two Issues, Colln J. Marsden's round-up of news from BR has grown from two pages to five. With readers' help - lineside observations are welcomeda€we can make It bigger still.
ELECTRICS UNDER SCRUTINY - In 'Locomotive Practice & Performance', Peter Sem- mens samples a variety of electric traction, from class 90 and 91 loco haulage to 'Wessex' and 'Greyhound' EMUs and a Kings Crossa€"Cambridge class 317 unit.
YOUR LETTERS - Lineside hooliganism; 'Sprinters' on the Settle & Carlisle; the death toll during the Forth Bridge construc- tion; NRM 'whingers' and locomotive liveries are a handful of the subjects covered.
MARCH IN THE 1950S - Eric Sawford's 'Shed Visit' takes us back to the days when March was an Important railway town with a bustling steam depot, huge marshalling yards and a coaling tower which could be seen for miles around.
STEAM IN EAST GERMANY - With the removal of travel restrictions, East Germany Is more accessible than It has been for half a centurya€"but Graham Scott-Lowe's advice to steam fans Is to get there now, before the surviving narrow gauge steam dwindles dramatically.
MOBILE VOLCANO - Superb action from the camera of Or Les Nixon as the new star of main line steam, 'Princess Royal' Pacific No. 46203 Princess Margaret Rose heads the 'Richard Levick Memorial' out of Sheffield.
IN THE LAP OF LUXURY - Gary C. Buchanan describes the life of luxury aboard two of Scotland's super trains, the 'Royal Scotsman' and the 'Queen of Scots'-journeys that most of us could only dream about.
LIVE WIRES TO MANCHESTER - It's hard to believe that almost 30 years have passed since the then Minister of Transport, Ernest Marples, officially opened the 25kV electrified main line between Manchester and Crewe. Rex Chrlstlansen reflects on the decades of change around Manchester since then.
BY TRAIN TO EUROPE - Peter Semmens reports on the positive steps being taken by British Rail International to Improve the marketing of Anglo-European railway service even before the Channel Tunnel opens.
CHANNEL TUNNEL UPDATE - The government says 'No' to the high-speed link; good tunnelling progress; worrying points about power outputs.
PLATFORM 5 STOCK CHANGES - Three pages of Intricate detail from our friends at Sheffield about locomotive and rolling stock movements and modifications.
PHOTOGRAPHIC COMPETITION - Don't miss the chance to win one of six RIcoh cameras In our 'Railway Photographer of the Year' competition. There are classes for steam and modern traction.
THE NEW BOB REID - British Railways' recently-knighted new Chairman discusses the task ahead with Peter Semmens.
LAST PACIFICS OF THE LNER - Always overshadowed by the A3 and A4 thoroughbreds of NIgel Gresley, the LNER's A2 Pacifies nevertheless did some sterling work during the final years of the LNER and the first decade and a half of British Railways. Eric Sawford describes the LNER's last Pacifies.
THE 'ATMOSPHERIC' RAILWAY - The Keighley & Worth Valley Railway has always been noted tor atmosphere and enthusiasma€"and now. with the arrival of locomotives and stock from the Dinting Railway Centre adding to Its appeal, John TKtow describes the railway's progress to date.

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