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Rail Express Magazine, May 2008 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
The DfT announces two big train orders for a€~Thameslinka€ and the WCML. East Coast operators fight for Class 180s and trains begin running on the Stirlinga€Alloaa€"Kincardine line. Freightliner takes over Manchester a€~binlinera€ .

14 News in pictures
Photographic coverage of the latest happenings including a new Advenza scrap metal working, EWS Class 37/4s on railtour duties, Network Raila€ s latest Class 97/3 conversion, plus Freightliner expands into Germany.

20 Retrospectrum: Railfreight Metals
The penultimate part of our guide to the six Railfreight sub-sector livery brandings tells the story of the locos to gain blue and yellow chevrons. Includes full listings and illustrates several Metals a€~odd ballsa€ and errors.

27 Time Traveller
All the railway and current affairs news from 10, 20, 30, 40 & 50 years ago. Was it really two decades since Class 40 doyen D200/40122 was retired from service and presented to the National Railway Museum at York?

28 Preservation
Bedale Railway Engineering goes bust leaving the future of three Class 37s in doubt. Ex-Network Rail test unit Iris-2 heads into preservation at the WSR. Plus the usual round up of forthcoming galas and diesel events.

30 Railtours
Following the Steam Dreams controversy, Cotswold Rail places Heartlanda€ s 2008 programme on hold. Pathfinder announces that it is to take a€~Deltica€ 55022 to Edinburgh for the famous festival. Includes full railtour listings.

32 Mess room
Take a break with our humorous account of recent happenings. NR is in trouble as rail grinder burns down chicken shed, York a€~Rail Ridersa€ model railway doomed and our cartoonist Rigga€ s take on new a€~tram-traina€ concept.

34 Traction & Rolling Stock
There is surprise as Direct Rail Services reveals that it is to hand Class 66 locomotives Nos. 66401-10 back to the lessor after just five years of service. 17 pages of stock news including all of your favourite columns.

51 Classifieds
Looking for a gift, something to read or watch, or maybe even some ideas for a holiday in the UK or on the continent, check our classified section.
Rail Express Modeller
III Comment: Less is more
Quality layouts are not all about the standard of modelling, therea€ s also the concept to consider. The editor suggests that a more minimalist approach and a refusal to compromise could pay dividends if you are considering a new project.

V News: Trade developments
Another big shock as Heljan selects the Kestrel prototype and D82xx BTH Type 1 for production in 2009. Bachmann releases BDA picture, Dapol FEA container flat is delayed and we confirm our next limited edition with Hornby.

VII Exhibitions: Diary dates
A preview of the busy show schedule during the month of May, highlighting the significant events and what diesel and electric era layouts you can expect to see appearing. Includes our quick reference a€~Diary datesa€ listing.

VIII Layout: Western Road depot
Mike Anson transports you back to the summer of 1976 on the Western Region as we visit his recently completed diesel depot that was built as a Scalefour Challenge entry. Look out for his candid comments about Heljana€ s a€~Westerna€ !

XVII Quick fix: OCA improvements
Bachmanna€ s range of 4mm scale BR air-braked wagons are popular purchases with REM readers. The steel open, however, is sadly let down by over-thick sides. Peter Mantle undertakes some corrective surgery with impressive results.

XVIII Serial: Mostyn
The clubroom is warming up and the days are getting longer... The Mostyn team continues its stock building push by turning its attention to more brake vans. This time ita€ s a pair of GWR-style a€~Toadsa€ for departmental use.

XX Spanner: Kestrel
Spanner Swirlyflow, our gossip columnist, returns from his break to report he has followed Heljana€ s lead and taken up bird watching. He is, of course, specialising in birds of prey!

XXI Reader offer: Class 37/5s
RAIL EXPRESS is linking up with Bachmann to produce the former split-headcode refurbished Class 37s. Be sure to place your order as reservations must close soon!
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