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Rail Express Magazine, July 2008 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
4 News
Ruth Kelly puts electrification back on the agenda, Freightliner Group is sold to an Arabian investment bank, plus Bletchley depot shuts its doors.

12 News in pictures
FGW runs a€~fun-sizea€ HST as DMU substitution, Hansona€ s 56311 starts work for Fastline and Weymouth loco-hauleds begin using EWS Class 67s.

16 Reviews
A new book on freight stock recognition is our main review, produced by the team that brought us Freightmaster, the rail freight timetable.

18 Retrospectrum: Railfreight Coal
The sixth and final part of our in-depth look at the Roundel-designed sub-sector livery details the locos that carried the famous a€~black diamondsa€ .

26 Time Traveller
A wheelset failure caused a GNER express to derail at Sandy a decade ago, while 20 years back BR announced it was to sell off the Vale of Rheidol.

28 Railtours
A review of a tour in Northern Ireland which saw a 111 Class GM and the last NIR a€~Thumpera€ DEMU in action. Includes full tour listings for July.

32 Preservation
Four preserved Class 31s, two each from the Wensleydale and the ELR, are sold to HNRC. Class 50 Indomitable is to move to Old Oak Common.

36 Mess room
Environmental protestors hijack a coal train to Drax, we have a deathly new product for enthusiasts, plus Rigga€ s take on recent news.

38 Traction & Rolling Stock
The Class 37/4 fleet is in a state of flux again as EWS prepares to rest 37401 & 37417. West Coast Railways brings back a€~heavyweighta€ 37712.

58 Classifieds
Looking for a gift, something to read or watch, or maybe even some ideas for a holiday? Check out our classified and website adverts section.
Rail Express Modeller
V Comment: High speed classic
The new Hornby HST power car, promised for the end of this year, looks to be a mouth-watering prospect. We consider the modelling avenues that this new item will open up and make a call for some upgraded trailer vehicles to match.

VII News: Trade developments
Shawplan Model Products changes hands following the retirement of Graham Shaw. Bachmann introduces further locomotives with lighting and sound effects plus there is the usual round-up of small suppliers news.

IX News special: New models
We are eagerly awaiting a variety of new products from the main manufacturers. REM was given the opportunity to photograph several pre-production samples including Hornbya€ s HST power car and Class 153 single-car DMU.

XI Research: Modellera€ s guide
Our resident freight expert David Ratcliffe describes the history and operation of the domestic coal network in the late diesel era. Includes our popular train formation graphics and a look at terminal locations with modelling potential.

XVII Reviews: Three-car Class 108
Bachmanna€ s Derby a€~Lightweighta€ got a favourable review when it was first released at the end of 2006. The Barwell-based firm has now produced a three-car version, which includes two new vehicle types. We review the new Class 108 here.

XVIII Serial: Mostyn
Ita€ s back to the locomotive works for the Mostyn crew! The team turns out another pair of Class 40s using the hybrid Lima body plus Bachmann chassis combination. Subjects including the disgustingly dirty a€~green machinea€ , No. 40106!

XX News extra: Wagons roll
Some additional news coverage from the highly successful DEMU Showcase event focussing on new 4mm scale steel carrying wagons from Bachmann and Dapol, both of which were showing decorated samples.

XXI Reader offer: Class 37/5
RAIL EXPRESS has linked up with Bachmann to produce the refurbished Class 37/5s. Reservations have now closed but we have ordered some extras just in case! This could be your last chance to purchase these special edition models.
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Article Snippets
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