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Rail Express Magazine, August 2008 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
4 News
Stobart pulls the plug on its luxury Pullman train. Siemens wins Scottish EMU order. Four firms up for Thameslink units. Hitachi unveils its IEP plan.

12 News in pictures
The first a€~Sussex Expressa€ Class 442 unit is released in its Southern interim livery. The latest workings by popular DB/EWS a€~Tugsa€ Nos. 60040 & 60074.

16 Time Traveller
The end of newspaper trains came in 1988, but the sparks effect was in full swing with the debut of the Class 89 and the wires reaching Leeds.

18 a€ Warshipsa€ remembered
Its is 50 years since the first D800 a€~Warshipa€ took to Western Region rails. Hugh Dady looks back and provides analysis as to how they performed.

58 Reader offer
To tie-in with our feature article, we are offering readers a chance to purchase a superb new a€~Warshipa€ picture book at a discount price.

26 Preservation
50040 Leviathan meets its fate at Sims. The Brush Type 4 funda€ s 47295 is sold to Harry Needle, while the Peak Rail Class 108 fleet also moves on.

30 Railtours
Rail-Blue Railtours launches its a€~Executivea€ train programme, which will use Cargo-Da€ s blue/grey Mk. 3s. The Dutch give a tour farewell to the Class 58s.

34 Mess room
Environmental issues now mean we have engineering work blamed on a€~the wrong sort of railsa€ . Cuttings, snippets, and our cartoon are here to amuse.

36 MTU a€~Series 4000a€ engines
This advertising feature describes the new MTU engines that are being installed in the re-engined HST power cars of FGW, NXEC and CrossCountry.

38 Traction & Rolling Stock
Direct Rail Services picks up another pair of ex-Freightliner Class 57/0s. Large logo celebrity 37425 Pride of the Valleys will be reactivated by EWS.
Rail Express Modeller
V Comment: Going yellow
Fancy one of Network Raila€ s weird and wonderful fleet of test vehicles for your layout? REM asks what the best chances are for some R-T-R versions of these interesting trains.

VII News: Trade developments
Another month, another tranche of pre-production images. Dapol displays its FEA-B container flat, which is starting to look quite tasty, while Heljan shows off its IGA bogie flat.

VIII News extra: Bachmann latest
Bachmann gave us an update on the progress of its latest products in both a€~Na€ and a€~OOa€ at its trade open day in July. Check out the latest images of the new a€~Sprintera€ here!

X Reviews: Hornby wagons
1990s engineera€ s trains will get a big boost from the latest wagons to join the Hornby fold. We examine samples of the new a€~Clama€ , a€~Rudda€ and a€~Topea€ two-axle spoil wagons.

XII Research: DRS Crewe depot
A prototype worth modelling. The compact Gresty Bridge depot operated by DRS would make a great basis for a layout. We look at its potential and provide a trackplan.

XII Full frame: Network Rail BG
Seeing yellow! Roland Turner described the modification of a Mk. 1 full brake into one of the five Network Rail generator vans seen in test train formations .

XVII Preview: Worcester Road
Tieing-in with the 50th anniversary of the D800 a€~Warshipa€ locos, we visit Steve Harroda€ s 1/32nd scale (Gauge 1) depot layout that will be featuring within these pages soon.

XIX Serial: Mostyn
Having touched on the Class 40 fleet in the last issue, the Mostyn team explore the options available to them as their Class 24/25 allocation comes up for a much needed renewal.

XX SS3: Exhibitons
After a few months off, our mystery commentator returns fresh as a daisy. Meanwhile, the show season slowly cranks back into life as the summer nights start to draw in.
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Article Snippets
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