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Front cover of Modern Rail Magazine, April 2007 Issue

Modern Railways Magazine, April 2007 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
ews Front
Latest UK rail news, including analysis of the Cumbria derailment

Rail Freight
Focus on the railwaya€ s freight moving ability

Infrastructure News
Update on structures, track and signalling

Our unique guide to network changes

Informed Sources
Roger Forda€ s in-depth analysis column

Blood and Custard
Jests and cutting asides about todaya€ s railway

Readers debate and put us straight

New trains for 2045
Ian Walmsley suggests trains for an oil-scarce age

To protect the planet, divert traffic to rail
Research by ATOC confirms that rail is a a€~greena€ mode of transport

Cotswold line redoubling under study
Bottlenecks on the Oxford-Worcester line could be eased

T5 tunnels energised
Heathrowa€ s new terminal will be served by two rail links

White City development races ahead
A new shopping centre is transforming public transport in west London

Back to basics at Basingstoke
Resignalling at an important hub on the South Western main line

Service à Bord
First Great Westerna€ s revised meal options

Car park specialists harness new technology
Effective management of car parks is a key issue for train operators

News from around Europe

Moving Wheels
Traffic and traction round-up

The heyday of the HST

A busy spell at Fouldubs
Pictures from a Scottish freight-only branch

Track Miles
What went wrong at FM?

In Business

Classified ads

Recruitment ads

Alan Williamsa€ Column
Whoa€ s going where a€ latest job moves
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Article Snippets
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