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    Promotion Pages

    Promotion Pages are entire pages on the Magazine Exchange website controlled by third-party advertisers. They may be used for just about any purpose within the Magazine Exchange Terms & Conditions, and may belong to ?external? advertisers promoting any kind of product, or people (trade sellers or private individuals) who are selling back-issue magazines or subscriptions on the site itself.

    The Promotion Pages themselves are just regular webpages and almost all normal ?web? functionality is possible. Each Promotion Page has it?s own web address which the owner of the page can promote in any way they wish (eg, social media, other websites, printed adverts and literature), and in return the Promotion Page can display any contact details for the advertiser, as well as incorporating web links that send users away from the Magazine Exchange site to other websites.

    For small businesses Promotion Pages offer an extremely attractive way of obtaining a highly visible 'presence' on the web for very little cost or effort.

    For experienced on-line marketeers they offer an ideal way of targeting niche customer groups and driving high quality traffic back to their own websites.

    A Seller Account is required
    to access these features
    Open an account now
    (Don't worry - it's free!)

    Setting-Up a Promotion Page

    Request a New Page:-

    Log-in to your Seller account and select "Request New Page" in the Promotion Pages section of the left menu.

    Complete the simple form which appears, describing what the page will be used for and specifying what you would like the page title to be.

    Choose the Page Title carefully as it will be visible to the user in their web browser, and will also be used as the URL (the web address) of the page.

    Magazine Exchange will then set the page up for you (this is a manual process so doesn't happen immediately) and then assign control of the page to your account.

    Once your page has been set-up:-

    Magazine Exchange will set the page-up for you but there will be no content in the page yet other than a single line of text - it's now your job to actually create the page.

    Begin by logging-in to your Seller account again and selecting "Edit Existing Page" in the Promotion Pages section of the left menu - a list of the Promotion Pages assigned to your account will then be displayed.

    Clicking the title of the Promotion Page will take you to the editting screen for that page - but before you even do that you'll want to actually see what the page looks like at the moment - click the 'Preview' link next to the page title and the page itself will open in a new window

    Editing a Promotion Page

    Live page initial appearance:-

    When your new Promotion Page is first set-up it will look remarkable unimpressive! Just a single line of text saying "Add your contents here!" sandwiched between a fixed Magazine Exchange header and footer.

    The 'content area' of the page is only a couple of lines deep at this stage but it will expand vertically as you add your content to the page.

    Adding content

    The 'Edit Existing Page" screen within your Seller account allows you to add content to the page.

    Two different interfaces are available for entering content

    The Default Editor is recommended for more experienced users who wish to enter HTML code directly.

    The WYSIWYG editor is aimed at less experienced users and provides a graphical interface to assist adding content to the page - but it is ultimately less flexible because the user has less precise control of the page appearance.

    It is strongly recommended that either the Default editor or the WYSIWYG editor is used - switching back-and-forth between the two can lead to inconsistent results.

    The sort of content you can add:-

    Promotion Pages are extremely powerful tools and almost all standard webpage (HTML) functionality can be incorporated.

    The Promotion Page facility is actually widely used for many of the Magazine Exchange website's own pages - for example, all the 'Help Guide' pages (including this one) are created using the Promotion Page system - even the left navigation menu operates within the Promotion Pages themselves.

    Background Images

    Full-width background images can be added to any Promotion Page and add an extra attention-grabbing element to the page - and can also physically increase the size of the page, depending upon the user's screen size and settings.

    The downside of using full-width background images is that the images are inevitably quite large files, which for users on slower internet connections can increase the loading time of the page. In addition, very little of a full-width background will be visible to those users viewing the page on a computer or device with an older or smaller screen.

    Adding a background image

    Full-width background images can be added to Promotion Pages by Magazine Exchange upon request. Please Email Us the image you would like to be added, specifying clearly which page it is for.

    The recommended width for background images is 1569 pixels. Images can be of any height and will 'tile' vertically if the page height exceeds the height of the image.

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