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Trade Services Guide - Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Add single issue - Submit details
  • Add single issue - Create page directly
  • Adding issues in bulk
  • 'About this Title' pages
  • 'Current Issue' pages
  • Promotion Pages
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    Congratulations! If you're in the magazine trade your life just got slightly easier! Here at Magazine Exchange we know that our success depends upon yours, so we want to help you sell and promote your titles in as many ways as we can.

    Note: This Guide is intended to be read by magazine publishers and distributors, and others involved in the publishing industry who want to increase their sales and promote their titles.

    If you're an independent subscription sales agent there's a section at the end specifically for you which you might want to skip straight to. (Coming soon!).

    Our long-term aim is to provide the online portal to all magazine content, past and present - that's right, every magazine ever published, anywhere. But that doesn't mean that we are trying to replace other sources of data, such as publisher's own websites - far from it - our objective is to promote all the activities of publishers, and send them customers.

    As well as selling your current magazine issues and subscriptions we can - uniquely - give you an entirely new revenue stream by also selling your previously-published issues, even if you no longer have those issues in stock in physical form (Coming soon!).

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