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    'Current Issue' pages

    Each magazine title on the Magazine Exchange website has a 'Current Issue' page; if you are the current publisher of that magazine you have exclusive rights over the information which appears on this page.

    This is a valuable opportunity to promote sales of your latest magazine issue.

    Publishers have two options for controlling what appears on the 'Current Issue' pages - these are described below.

    A Seller Account is required
    to access these features
    Open an account now
    (Don't worry - it's free!)

    'Current Issue' Page - Basic


    The free 'basic' option enables publishers to provide a description of the title and some publication information.

    Contributions are submitted via a web-form and entered into the page by Magazine Exchange; the publisher doesn't gain the ability to directly maintain the page, but they can update it periodically via the web-form if they wish.


  • The magazine description is limited to 1200 characters (as a guide, the example description shown on the right is less than 500 characters in length).
  • Plain text only is allowed - no images, html or formatting, and no links or contact information.
    (Note: The publisher's name is automatically made into a link, but that goes to their 'profile' page elsewhere on the Magazine Exchange website, not to an external site).
  • Remember - it's free!

    The web-form for submitting information is within the 'Contribute Content' area of your Seller Account.

    'Current Issue' Page - Custom


    With the 'custom' option publishers can replace the standard page with one they design & maintain themselves. Publishers may include any content in custom pages, which might, for example, include links to their own website*.

    Editing and Control:-

    The other benefit of being able to edit the page directly is that the publisher can change and update the page as frequently as they wish - to include news items for instance, or details of special offers.

    It's not free...

    But the cost is nominal - just ?1 per month per page, which goes towards the cost of providing this functionality and hosting the pages. Magazine Exchange subsidize this service in the interest of improving the quality and usefulness of the information which appears on the website..

    How to create a Custom page:-

    The first step is to request that a 'blank' custom page is set-up, and control of it assigned to you - this is done by completing the appropriate web-form in the 'Contribute Content' area of your Seller Account. Once the new page has been created it will appear within the 'Promotion Pages', area of your account, and can be edited and maintained in the same way as other Promotion Pages. The only difference is that 'About this title' pages are limited to an overall width of 650 pixels because of the way they appear on the website.

    *The value of links:-
    The ability to set-up inbound links to their own website is itself is a valuable reason why publishers should consider setting-up custom pages.
    The quality and relevance of inbound links is used by search engines to assign 'page rank' - so, as well as simply sending you traffic directly, inbound links from Magazine Exchange will help your own website appear at the top of those Google results pages!

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