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    Before you proceed...

    ...You may find it helpful to first read this summary of the three ways of adding new magazine issues to the website:

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    Adding a Single Issue by Submitting details - Introduction

    If a Seller wishes to list a magazine issue for sale which doesn't currently appear on the website they may add it themselves by sending us information about that issue. Once the issue has been added to the site it may be bought & sold by anyone.

    In most cases where a Seller adds a new magazine issue it will be a case of 'filling in the gaps' because other issues of that same magazine will already appear on the site. If the issue to be added is from a magazine title which isn't currently shown on the site at all then you should contact us first to check that the title is one which is suitable to be added.

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    Preparing Images

    The most import part of adding a new magazine issue to the site is being able to send us a good quality image of the front cover. In fact issue may have up to six images associated with it - the first image being that of the front cover, and is compulsory. Additional images are optional and may be of the inside pages from the magazine or other items related to that issue such as perhaps supplements or free gifts etc.

    We strongly recommend that a scanner is used to produce images as this will produce satisfactory results far more easily than using a camera. Photographs are acceptable though as long as they meet they are aligned as follows:


    Not Straight


    Not Square



    Image files should be saved in either .jpg or .png formats and should have a maximum width of 450px

    If possible please save the image file with a logical filename - for example, an image of the front cover of the August 1990 issue of Canal Boat magazine could be called 'Canal_Boat_08_90_FC.jpg'

    Sending new issue information to us.

    The Add Single Issue form is available in your Seller account area and can be used to upload the images for the new issue along with it's title and (ideally) it's contents listing - this is optional but very strongly recommended as it a key factor in attracting buyers.

    Usually the information you enter into the 'Contents Listing' box will simply be a reproduction of the contents listing which appears in the magazine itself, but you are encouraged to add extra information to the descriptions of the various articles if you wish.

    Also optional is the 'Article Snippets' information which greatly improves the usefulness of that issue's website page by giving potential customers a better understanding of what that issue contains.

    It is recommended that you provide the introductory paragraphs of several of the main articles or features within the magazine - the aim is to provide enough information for the customer to know what the article is about, but not so much that they can avoid buying the magazine!

    Any text used must be unique to this magazine issue only - do not be tempted to reproduce the same bits of text within the Articles Snippets of several different magazine issues.

    Once we have received your information we will add the new magazine issue to the website and contact you let you know as soon as it's available. You can then list your copy of that issue for sale in the usual way.

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