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Buying Back Issues Guide - Table of Contents

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    Placing an Order

    Buying back issue magazines on the website is very straight-forward and the process will be very familiar to anyone with experience of on-line shopping. Customers may buy multiple items from multiple Sellers in a single order, with the website calculating the correct postage charge accordingly based upon your location and the delivery service you choose.

    Once the order is complete and payment made (see below for information on payment options), a receipt is generated automatically and sent to the customer by email; this should arrive in your inbox very quickly, but if it hasn't arrived within a few minutes it's worth checking your email spam filters to see if the email has been trapped there - this does happen quite regularly with some ISPs due, we think, to the automated and 'machine generated' nature of the receipt emails.

    Once your order is placed then there is nothing more to be done - the Sellers from whom you've bought are immediately informed of your order and will despatch your items to you. The receipt email does also include full contact details (including an email address) for each Seller you've bought from.

    Large Orders:
    If you wish to order a lot of magazines - especially if many are from a single Seller - we suggest getting in touch with us directly before placing the order through the website. With heavy parcels it's frequently possible to reduce the shipping cost considerably by using different couriers etc, but this has to be arranged on a case-by-case basis.

    Customer Accounts

    Users of the Magazine Exchange website are invited to open a customer account, which gives them access to a number of additional features. Accounts may be opened at any time from the 'My Mags' tab on the top menu, and there is also an opportunity to open an account during the checkout process if the customer wishes too.

    Benefits of opening an account include not having to re-type your address details every time you order, and the ability to check the status of current orders and details of previous orders at any time

    Opening an account is entirely optional though and you can simply ignore the "Would you like to register?" box during checkout if you wish

    Payment Options

    The last step in the checkout process is to choose your payment option:- credit/debit card or Paypal, and you will then be directed to either the secure payment page or the Paypal website accordingly.

    If your payment fails for any reason don't panic!. See the next section of this guide: After Ordering - Status / Problems / Questions

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