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    Order / Payment Status
    The receipt email you receive after ordering will describe the 'Payment Status' of the order as 'Queued', 'Payment Received' or 'Not Finished'

    Payment 'Queued' or 'Not Finished'?
    Don't Panic!
    (But there might be a problem)

    Explanation of "Payment Status"
  • Failed - Your payment was either declined, or you cancelled it yourself.

  • Queued - Your payment has been authorised but hasn't actually been received yet - it's referred to as 'queued' because we are still waiting for it to arrive, but we know it's on it's way and there's nothing more you need to do

  • Payment Received - Your payment has been received - thank you!

  • Not Finished - We haven't yet received notification that the payment has been authorised, which might mean that the transaction failed but might also mean that there's been a delay in the communication of the data from the card processors. This happens frequently with Paypal transactions! See below for advice on what to do next.

  • Despatched - Your order has been shipped to you

  • Complete - When an order has been marked as 'Complete' (rather than 'Despatched'), it means that it has been fully processed but some manual intervention was required - for instance if one or more items was out-of-stock. If something like this did happen you will almost certainly have already received an email about it.

  • Don't Panic...

    The only Payment Status to have any concern about is "Not Finished", and more often than not you don't need to be concerned about that either - often this status appears on your order receipt email simply because at the point the email was sent - moments after you completed payment - confirmation of the payment has not yet arrived.

    If your payment did fail you will usually already be aware of a problem having occurred when you entered for Paypal or card details. If you're not sure whether a problem occurred or not then the first thing to do is to check the separate payment confirmation email you will have also received and/or log-in to the account from which you made the payment to see if the transaction was successful. If you opened a customer account on the Magazine Exchange website you can also use this to check whether the Payment Status has updated from that shown in the initial receipt email.

    Making a new payment

    Even if your payment did fail first-time around we will still have received all the details of your order.

    There is no need to place a new order!
    An existing uncompleted order can be completed at any time simply by making a new payment - either by emailing us to request a new Paypal invoice or by 'phoning us to pay directly by card over the 'phone

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