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Buses Magazine
About this title
Buses: The World's Biggest Selling Buses Magazine

The UK's highest circulation and most widely read magazine covering the bus and coach industries, Buses is written for and read by an audience that extends from senior industry professionals to passionately interested enthusiasts.

Buses carries the latest news written with authority on serious issues in a readable and entertaining format, and offers the most comprehensive photographic coverage of new developments. It succeeds in being fiercely independent and unafraid to criticise aspects of the industry that could be improved.

Unique to Buses is Fleet News, a comprehensive section detailing the latest changes to bus and coach fleets in the UK and Ireland.

What The Industry Say
"If you have to choose a magazine of record for the industry, then Buses is the one. In compiling our monitoring of the industry over the years, Buses has long been a primary source: its concise, comprehensive reporting of the industry news every month is an invaluable source of reference. As an occasional reader since the 1950s, and a regular reader since joining the industry 40 years ago, I can attest to the magazine's central role in the community life of the industry."
Chris Cheek, managing director 2FM Ltd

"I have been a reader of Buses for almost 50 years. While eagerly awaiting each issue for the latest news and pictures, I carefully retain every copy to form an ever-growing reference work, to which I refer regularly when researching transport matters. It?s a journal that successfully balances current issues, within the context of past events when necessary, covering stories increasingly rapidly after they occur.

With so much information now available on-line, I find Buses continues as a tangible media form where all the important topics appear, complementing other sources by providing very detailed information, and in-depth analysis often not found elsewhere."

Martin Curtis, managing director, Bath Bus Company

"Although here at Reading we read all the weekly trade magazines, we still fall on Buses when it arrives, because Buses always includes information that you don?t see anywhere else. More than ever today it is the authoritative voice of the bus world ? read by professionals and enthusiasts alike."
James Freeman, chief executive officer, Reading Transport

"I?ve been an avid reader of Buses since the 1960s and always look forward to reading the latest issue. Every edition always contains a brilliant range of informed articles about interesting operators as well as the latest industry news. The contents appeal equally to those who work in the industry and those who have an interest in it, and as I fall into both categories I?m a doubly satisfied reader. I have every edition from 1949 to the present day, and the latest design and layout style really is a transformational joy to behold."
Roger French, managing director Brighton & Hove Bus & Coach Company

"Buses cleverly mixes the art of satisfying both the bus enthusiast and industry professional ? some of us are a bit of both ? providing an insightful range of news, features, photos and articles. Missing an issue is not recommended."
Alex Hornby, commercial director, Trent Barton

"Buses is an interesting monthly read and provides in depth news of the bus industry rather than just repeating off-the-shelf press releases. I have been subscribing to this magazine right back to my schooldays in the 1960s and have retained nearly every copy as a valuable reference work of facts and pictures. It is pitched accurately at its audience of both professionals and enthusiasts."
Mark Howarth, managing director, Western Greyhound

"Like many industry professionals, I value the depth and analysis that Buses brings to a wide range of issues which affect the bus and coach industry. The accuracy of its information is to be commended."
Philip Kirk, managing director, Oxford Bus Company

"Buses is unique amongst our industry?s productions: authoritative, opinionated, international, yet focused on what we do. Above all, Buses is a great read."
Mark Nodder, managing director, Wright Group

Publication Information
Publisher: Key Publishing
Country / Language: UK / English
Frequency: Monthly

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