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Aviation News Magazine, February 2017 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
ARRIER TRIBUTE Harrier GR.3s on the Frontline - RAF Germany Cold War Ops Air Chief Marshal (Reta€ d) Sir Richard Johns recalls his time as OC of 3(F) Sqn to Doug Gordon. Cherry Pointa€ s a€~Bulldogsa€ Tom Kaminski reports on VMA-223 a€~Bulldogsa€ , a US Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier II squadron. UK Harriers a€ from Land and Sea Dr Kevin Wright looks back at the development and operation of the UKa€ s Harriers and Sea Harriers. A Harrier GR.3 Brought Back to Life: Chris Wilson of Jet Art Aviation recalls the rollercoaster of challenges getting an RAF Harrier GR.3 back to ground-running condition. Bombardier CS300 Enters Service Barry Woods-Turner reports from the handover ceremony of the first CS300, while John Pagni experiences a flight on the new jetliner. Return of the 489th Bomb Group Scott Dworkin reports on the 489th Bomb Group which flies B-1B Lancers from Dyess AFB. Emirates Aviation Experience Spencer Bennett visited this unique London attraction which gives an insight into modern commercial aviation. French Postal Transalls - Getting the Mail Through FrÃÃ
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Article Snippets

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