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Aviation News Magazine, August 2016 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
he August issue of Aviation News incorporating Jets is a Cold War Warriors special. Blackbird Tales Lt Col Bredette C Thomas (Reta€ d) tells Dino Carrara about his extensive career flying the SR-71 Blackbird. Naval Starfighters a€ Prowling the Baltic The career of the West German Navya€ s Starfighters is examined by Doug Gordon. Flying and Fighting the MiG-25PD Foxbat Alexander Mladenov looks back at the service of the MiG-25PD with a seasoned pilot of this big fighter. Life with the Lightning Wing Commander Mike Streten (Reta€ d), a former Officer Commanding 5 Sqn had an eventful career. Dino Carrara hears about his time flying the legendary English Electric Lightning. United Caravelles Charles Kennedy discusses the Caravellea€ s service with United Airlines. Mount Cook Ski Planes a€" Glacier Experiences Geoff Jones experiences the thrill of landing on a glacier. Junglie Merlins Lewis Gaylard discusses the arrival of the Merlin with the Commando Helicopter Force. Vickers Viking a€" Stopgap Propliner The Vickers Viking was an interim solution that sold in substantial numbers at home and overseas. Charles Woodley traces its story. New Generation L 410 Alexander Mladenov examines the latest version of the L 410, which builds on the success of earlier models. Plusa€Ã
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