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Front cover of Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, September 1995 Issue

Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, September 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Transavia tales - Our civil aviation correspondent Alan J. Wright provides an update on the successful Dutch carrier, Transavia

Combat School - One of the most unique units within US military aviation is the US Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron (MAWTS-1). Rick Llinares/Flightline Photography reports for Aircraft Illustrated

The new Boscombe Down - Mark Ashley concludes his exclusive series of articles on the units and aircraft operating out of the 'new' Boscombe Down. Plus the 'official line' on the much publicised 'Stealth crash' last year

Buon Giopno Tornado - A photo-report by Denis J. Calvert/InterAir Press on the first Tornado F3 fighters for the Italian Air Force

Phoenix Flyers ? exclusive air-to-air photography by John Dibbs of the RAF's display Tornado F3. On pages 46-49, Andy Evans talks to Phoenix One's aircrew, Fit Lt Matt Hawkins and Fit Lt Jon 'Herbie' Hancock, about their spectacular airshow routine that is delighting audiences up and down the country

Phantom of the Opera - Crossair has unveiled its new ghoulish livery. Alan J. Wright looks behind the mask to discover the new challenges that confront the airline

Thirtysomething! - Happy Birthday Islander ? Denis J. Calvert/Inter-Air Press is invited to a very special party on the Isle of Wight!

Berlin Airlift - Archie Jackson looks back at one of the greatest achievements in aviation history, the Berlin Airlift

Oasis in the Desert - An Aladdin's cave of aviation ? a photoreport from Israel by Peter R. Foster on the rare aircraft that can be seen at Hazerim, a museum with a difference

Behind the Maersk - Continuing his series of articles on civil aviation in Scandinavia, Roger Halls takes a look at Denmark's Maersk Air and talks to the airline's president Bjorn Hansen

Canadian sea-birds - In its first eight month deployment in Operation 'Sharp Guard', Canada's Maritime Air Group carried out 25% of all patrols flown by NATO in the northern Adriatic, despite providing just 10% of the MPA force involved. In May of this year, its aircraft returned to continue operations off the coast of the former Yugoslavia. In part two of his feature on the MAG (continued from the July issue), Mike Reyno traces the service's contribution to the maritime blockade

Display news - AU the latest news and views on the current airshow scene

Day of the Nighthawk - A photo-feature for Air Display International by Peter R. Foster on the UK public flying debut of the F-l 17A Nighthawk ? the Stealth fighter

Show business - Where to go and what to see ? Mark Ashley previews some of the forthcoming airshows, including the VJ Day celebration flypast and Helitech '95

California Dreamin' - Vintage delights from the US, courtesy the West Coast Fly-in and Air Show at Watsonville. Photo-journalist Gordon Bain was there to report on the event

Phoenix Flyers - Andy Evans talks to the RAF's Tornado F3 display aircrew. Fit Lt Matt Hawkins and Fit Lt Jon 'Herbie' Hancock

Falcons in Freefall - ADI reporter Andy Evans 'drops-in' on the UK's premier Parachute Display Team, the RAF Falcons Grasshoppers finale? After 22 years on the display circuit, the Dutch display team 'The Grasshoppers' is fighting for its survival following the RNLAF's decision to finally phase out its Alouette Ills. John Blackman reports


Military Markings - The latest batch of UK military serial changes, as compiled by Peter R. March
Airband - Graham Duke tunes in to the airwaves to provide the latest in airband radio/ATC news
Airmart - Books, videos, prints, kits, photographic equipment... .and much more are reviewed by Zoe Schofield, Gary Numan, James Goulding and Ashley Beard
Air Register - Alan J. Wright lists the recent changes to the UK civil aviation register
Airview/Preservationnews - Preservation news from around the UK, compiled by Peter R. March
Airpower - Current military matters at home and abroad as compiled by leading aviation journalists Paul Jackson and John Fricker
Civil Scene - News and views on the UK civil aviation scene, as compiled by our correspondent, Alan J. Wright
Airnews - Keep up to date with aviation news from around the World
Airshow calendar - The most comprehensive listing of airshows in the UK and abroad, compiled by Peter R. March
On show - With the display season now in full swing, our roving airshow reporters review some of the major events so far
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