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Front cover of Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, August 1995 Issue

Aircraft Illustrated Magazine, August 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Black Jack ? exclusive air-to-air photography by John Dibbs of the first Harrier T8 to enter service with the Royal Navy. Words by Andy Evans

Airmobility in Bosnia - Correspondent Tim Ripley comes eye-to-eye with the Croatian Air Force as he reports from war-torn Bosnia on the the leading role of Britain's Airmobile Brigade to counter Serbian hostage taking
The secret of DarkStar - A saucerful of secrets ? our US correspondent Frank B. Mormillo uncovers the story behind the futuristic DarkStar
AirNews - Keep up tp date with aviation news from around the World
Airpower - Current military matters at home and abroad as compiled by leading aviation journalists Paul Jackson and John Flicker
Civil Scene - News and news on the UK civil aviation scene, as compiled by our correspondent. Alan J. W right
United 'Party' - The world's largest wide-bodied twin-jet airliner, the Boeing 777, entered commercial sen-ice on 7 June with United Airlines. Mark Ashley was at Heathrow to cover the event.

Airmart - Books, videos, prints, kits.... .and much more are reviewed by Zoe Schofield, Gary Numan and James Goulding
Photomart special: Accessories - Ashley Beard concludes his guide of the best photo accessories available for the aviation photographer. This month's article looks at monopods, tripods and filters

Albatross takes flight - Adrian Balch visits Elefsina Air Base to photograph the last Greek Air Force Albatross flying boats on the eve of their retirement
'Bonnie' Accord - Our civil aviation correspondent, Alan J. Wright, flies north to discover how Aberdeen-based Bon Accord has avoided the pit-falls that have befallen so many other small-scale operators
Illustrious on Guard - Denis J. Calvert reports from HMS Illustrious to see at first hand how the Royal Navy is contributing to NATO operations over Bosnia-Herzegovina and the Adriatic. The visit also coincided with the first operational deployment of the Sea Harrier F/A2
Nice one, Nice! - Life's no longer a beach for Nice Cote d'Azur. France's third-busiest airport has left the playground behind. David Carter reports
Munich Disaster - The tragic Munich Air Disaster of 1958 is remembered not least for the seven players from the Manchester Utd football team who were counted among the dead. Archie Jackson recounts the events that led to the accident and the British investigations that repeatedly refuted the conclusions of the original German report
Into the'90s' - The now McDonnell Douglas MD-90 airliner has just entered commercial service with launch customer Delta Air Lines. Stefano Pagiola concludes his two-part feature on the new airliner
The new Boscombe Down - Mark Ashley continues his exclusive overview of the flying units of Britain's foremost Flight Test Centre, Boscombe Down. Last month we looked at the creation of The Defence Test and Evaluation Organisation, the Flight Test Centre and the air operations of the Fixed Wing Test Squadron and the Rotary Wing Test Squadron. This month, we focus on the aircraft of the Empire Test Pilots School, Assessment and Evaluation Directorate, the Defence Research Agency and the School of Aviation Medicine. Air-to-air photography by John Dibbs

Air Register - Alan J. Wright lists the recent changes to the UK civil aviation register
Military Markings - The latest batch of UK military serial changes, as compiled by Peter R. March
Airband - Graham Duke tunes in to the airwaves to provide the latest in airband radio/ATC news
Airview/Preservation news - Preservation news from around the UK, compiled by Peter R. March

Display news - All the latest news and views on the current airshow scene
Day of Dignity - A photo-report from Slovakia by ADI's Mark Ashley
Show business - Where to go and what to see ? Mark Ashley previews some of the forthcoming airshows at home and across the channel, that promise a wealth of 'aircraft firsts'
European colours - A colourful photo-report by Peter R. March on some of the eye-catching schemes carried by aircraft that appeared at the first major European military airshows
Hawk heaven - Flt Lt Don Ritch, the RAF's Hawk display pilot, talks exclusively to Andy Evans. Photographed especially for Air Display International by John Dibbs
On show - With the display season now in full swing, our airshow reporters review some of the major events so far
Airshow calendar - The most comprehensive listing of airshows in the UK and abroad, compiled by Peter R. March
Paris Highlife - A week in Paris - Mark Ashley reports for Air Display International on one of the best ever Paris Air Shows
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