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Front cover of Air Pictorial Magazine, Februrary 1997 Issue

Air Pictorial Magazine, Februrary 1997 Issue

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Details of this magazine:
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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Air News - Aviation stories from around the world including the important Boeing-McDonnell Douglas merger. 'New in View' covers the Mitsubishi F-2.

Bangalore report - New aircraft revealed at India's aviation industry show.

Malmo's AMJ connection - Mike Hooks reviews Maimo Aviation's involvement with the BAe 146.

Shipflight - with the RN's Lynx - On behalf of AIR Pictorial, Iain Ballantyne visits HMS Marlborough's Lynx flight to view operations.

Airline Profile: Mexicana's 75 year rollercoaster ride - Geoffrey P Jones reports on one of the world's oldest-established airlines.

Boeing 707s in the '90s - Keith Burton reviews some of the survivors of this diminishing breed.

Radio Watch by David Smith.
Aviation News Preservation
Australian miscellany
The Civil Scene by Keith Crowden.
Aviation Archaeology by David Smith.

Aircraft in Outline - The Gulfstream IV series described by John Cook.

US Military News by Bob Archer.

NATO and European Notes 88 by Peter Foster.

Farnborough's Fleets since 1918 - Part 2 of a series by John D R Rawlings.

Wikner's Wicko - Peter London recalls a pre-war aircraft, one of which still survives.

First flights table 1996 - A quick guide by Michael Stroud on the new aircraft that flew during 1996.

Moulding Chile's future fliers - Rod Simpson visits El Bosque to see how the FACh trains its pilots.

People-pods for combat - A modem approach to an old idea.

Air Letters - Some reader responses to recent features.
Register Review - Recent changes to the UK and Irish registers compiled by Roger Jackson.
Air Videos - Recent releases on the movie front.
Air Books - New publications reviewed.
Airport Movements - UK airport visitors assembled by Roger Jackson.

FRONT COVER: A Gulfatrcam IV business jet, the subject of this month's set of scale drawings. (Photo, Gulfstream).
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Article Snippets
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