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Front cover of Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, July 1995 Issue

Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, July 1995 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
VINTAGE NEWS - Preservation news with Michael Oakey

SHORT'S CHAMELEON - Barry Jones describes the Short S.A.4 Sperrin medium bombers, relegated to the role of research aircraft long before the firsi prototype's maiden flight.

VALIANT VENTURE - In 1953 RAF airframe mechanic Ron Swain joined the servicing team for Vickers Valiant WB215, the RAF's entry in that year's England?New Zealand air race. Events did not quite go as planned, as he relates

ARMCHAIR AVIATION - Melvyn Hiscock reviews more books ? plus TV and videos on page 35

ROCKET ATTACK - Derek Collier Webb concludes his two-part account of the development of the air-launched rocket projectile in the Second World War

SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT - Rick Chapman tells the true story behind the loss of Messcrschmitt Bf 110 LN+NR, recently recovered from Russia

BIG-ASS BIRD - Chuck Sloat reports on an eyecatching P-47D Thunderbolt

SPEEDBIRD SERVICE - Brian Sullivan concludes his recollections of flying as a junior BOAC cabin steward in Yorks and Lancastrians in 1947

NIGHT FIGHTING METEORS - In the fourth and final part of his account of the Meteor night fighters. Ray Williams describes the ultimate variant, the NF.14, its Service life, and the TT.20 target-tug development.

MILITARY PERSONAL ALBUM - Photographs of the Naval Air Fighting Development Unit's aircraft at RAF West Raynham in 1947^8

BY DAY AND BY NIGHT - Owen Thetford describes the long and distinguished Service career of the Hawker Hart

PRESERVATION PROFILE - The Fighter Collection's Bell P-63A Kingcobra is this month's subject

OPERATION THURSDAY - Philip D. Chinnery begins a two-part account of the airborne invasion of Japanese-occupied Burma in March 1944, instigated by the unconventional Gen Orde Wingate

POST-WAR PROPLINERS - John Stroud's series on European post-war piston-engined airliners features the civil development of the Airspeed Oxford

CROSSWIND - Asides and broadsides from John Maynard

FATHERS OF WORLD AVIATION - Ken Aitken caricatures the legendary Howard Hughes

AIRSHOWS CALENDAR - Our regular monthly guide to UK and overseas events

QUESTIONS IN THE AIR - Our new questions and answers page gets under way

COMPETITION - This month's Diversions page features the chance to win a flight in the Fighter Collection's B-25 Mitchell
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