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Aeroplane Monthly Magazine, January 2010 Issue

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Contents Listing - Articles & Features in this issue
Bevo's School of War - For this month's Hidden History, Michael O'Leary reveals American aerobatics legend Beverly Howard's little-known part in training the Royal Pakistan Air Force in the 1940s
The BIG Idea - UK Flight Test Manager CorAirbus, Tim Down, reports on finding the perfect way to celebrate the mighty Brab's 60th anniversary in September 2009
Rare colour archive - The first in a new series of recently rediscovered fabulous colour images from the Aeroplane archive ? top marks to us for tidying up!
Antipodean Sword - Australian airshow commentator Peter "Ando" Anderson reports from Temora on the museum's joint restoration with the RAAF of newly-airworthy CAC Avon Sabre A94-983
Executive Suite - Tony Harmsworth reports on two examples of a 1930s American Deco classic - the Spartan 7-W Executive
Spitfire - The Making of a Legend - Using contemporary reports, Frank Crosby takes a detailed look at how the Spitfire's iconic reputation was forged by the media of the day
P7350 - Last of the Few - A genuine Battle of Britain veteran Supermarine Spitfire is back in the air again after a year-long refurbishment
Reader Holidays - A recap on last years successful trip to Canada, and a chance to book for 2010

News - All the latest preservation news, compiled by Tony Harmsworth
Picture of the Month - This month's selection is a splendid portrait of de Havilland Mosquito B.IV DZ353 - just don't mention the words "wooden" and "wonder"...
Aircrew - This month James Kightly turns his attention to a 1920s comic turn - the Avro 504N crazy-flying pilot
Where on Earth? - Our intrepid virtual explorer, Peter Davison, is on the hunt for US Marine Corps/Army helicopters near Chino. California
Readers'Archive - Reader David Peckham was an RAF engine fitter seconded to Egypt - we present a selelction of his photographs
Skywriters - A selection of readers' letters on a wide range of topics
Flying Visit - Rod Dean, the display pilot and Director of Flight Operations at Farnborough International Airshow, answers the usual set of questions
Hairy Moment - Our regular spot for your his-toric-aviation close calls

Database - North American Bronco:
DAVID WILLIS describes North American's long-serving deadly twin-boomer in detail:
- Birth of the Bronco-the genesis of the counter-insurgency concept
- Scale drawings of the OV-10A and OV-IOD - by Juanita Franzi
- Mike Badrocke's stunningly comprehensive OV-10D cutaway
- The killing fields - the Bronco in its element; low down and dirty in Vietnam
- Peace & war - from Vietnam to the Gulf
- From poppy-killing to fire-spotting - the OV-10 in its various civilian applications
- Horse trading - the export Broncos

Our Navigator section at the back of the magazine tells you all you need to know about what to buy and where to go:
- Three Greens
- Book Reviews
- Flyleaves
- Information Exchange
- Registration Update
- Airshows & Events, Lost & Found
- Classified
- Aeroplane services - back-issues, subscriptions, binders, newsagent order form, annual index and more
- Contacts and next month in Aeroplane
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